Transfers for April 12-15:

District 1

Julia St. 1001: $10, South Market District B2 LLC to Christopher P. Bunce Revocable Trust dated July 9 2013.

Julia St. 1001: $10, South Market District B2 LLC to Standard Retail LLC.

Palmyra St. 2505: $211,000, Tulane Canal Neighborhood Development Corp. to Jalyn Ann Marie Espinosa.

S. Peters St. 632: $21,890, South Peters Plaza Inc. to Frank N. Sonnier and Sharlene Hewitt Sonnier.

S. Peters St. 900: $600,000, Karen S. Babin to Juniper Partners

S. Saratoga St. 1601-1603: $150,000, National Food & Beverage Foundation to Sims Investments LLC.

S. Telemachus St. 603: $60,000, Ann Mischler Assad to Kevin P. Centanni.

St. Charles Ave. 1205: $156,500, Dinesh Singh to Leonidas Arapos.

Terpsichore St. 933: $213,000, Annunciation Properties LLC to Marengo Investments LLC.

Poydras Properties Hotel Holdings Co. LLC: to Ab Fbb Loyola Propco LLC.

District 2

Bourbon St. 1231-1233: $100, Randa Bayne Gilliam and Ray Gilliam to Jay H. Floyd Jr. and Margaret Dragisic Floyd.

Canal Boulevard 7543: $675,000, Sybil Vaughn Bruce to Marie Gregg Pressley and William Pressley.

Catina St. 5836-38: $395,000, Jake Impastato Jr. to Nicholas Kiermaier.

Colbert St. 5928: $650,000, Bancroft Property Investments LLC to Madeline Casey Kirby and Zane A. Kirby.

Decatur St. 1237: $326,500, James E. Shields to Christine Weidner Isbell and William M. Isbell.

Dumaine St. 2224: $460,000, Corky H. Irwin to Matthew Nicholas Colling and Megan Dane Colling.

Iberville St. 4541; N. Olympia St. 200: $550,000, Swider Strategies LLC to Morris Kirschman & Co. LLC.

St. John Court J 100: $300,000, Grace Ambrose Zaken to Michael Riches and Sean Mauberret.

Lane St. 222: $215,000, Jake J. Schnapp Sr. and Lois Orgeron Schnapp to Schmidt Construction Co. Inc.

N. Lopez St. 1016-1018: $375,000, Edward Ray Young to Andrea Diana Neighbours Kopplin and Andrew David Kopplin.

N. Lopez St. 221: $198,000, Cherie Dean Sutherland and Ronald Sutherland to River Card Properties LLC.

N. Rochcblave St. 328: $80,000, Carolyn Jane Rivers Regis and Tracy Veronica Regis Banks to New Orleans Redevelopment Fund 2 LLC.

Royal St. 910: $500,000, Royal Petite Maison LLC to Elizabeth Scott Barrett.

Royal St. 910: $400,000, Princess of Monaco LLC to Elizabeth Scott Barrett.

Vicksburg St. 6239: $208,000, Jerry Michael Wiltz and Sally Scanlan Wiltz to Robin Applewhite Legendre and Thaide C. Legendre.

District 3

Alabo St. 1516: $35,000, Leroy Matthews and Meta Hunter Dave Matthews to 5422 St. Claude Land LLC.

Beekman Road 14569: $96,500, Robert L. Packnett to Deborah Collins Bartholomew.

Bruxelles St. 2739-41: $415,000, Wells One Investments LLC to Natalie Jones.

Bunker Hill Road 8921-8923: $43,000, Calvin L. Lee Jr. to Cheryl Jeff Spears, Cheryl Jeff Treaudo and Wayne A. Treaudo.

Burgundy St. 5437-39: $170,000, 5437 39 Burgundy Street LLC to Andrew D. Bouck.

Chef Menteur Highway 26080: $300,000, Audrey Riche Mizell to Pomes Seafood LLC.

Clermont Drive 3417: $130,000, Pathways To Homeownership Inc. and Pathways To Homeownership New Orleans Inc. to Porte Rouge Enterprises LLC.

Colbert St. 6145: $425,000, Megan M. Dauenhauer Gros to Michael J. Obrien and Viviana H. Aldous Obrien.

Coventry St. 6930: $210,000, Rexbecca Properties LLC to Eric Jerome Drake.

Dauphine St. 2610: $235,000, Harold Gee and Holly Nelson Gee to Gallery LLC.

Dauphine St. 3152-54: $155,000, 5124 Investments LLC to James R. Booth II.

Delery St. 1223: donation, no value stated, Albert Austin Basquine, Jasper Jones and Tyrone Jones Jr. to Tyrone Jones.

Delery St. 1311: $58,500, Lower 9th Ward Association Empowerment Network Association and Lower 9th Ward Neighborhood 9th Empowerment Network Association to Joseph M. Desimone.

Feliciana St. 1231: $18,000, Kimberly Ann Johnson to American Reit LLC.

Feliciana St. 1231: $55,000, American Reit LLC to Feliciana Marais Properties LLC.

Franklin Ave. 3415: $100,000, Aasmaan Adrian Gulati to Lc3lc LLC.

Gladiolus St. 2770: $120,000, Trinity 2 Plus 3 LLC to Cheryl L. Wright.

Independence St. 1035: $359,000, Celeste Anne Daigneault Creech to Hamilton Bray Smith, Matthew Ralston Smith and Suzanne Bray Smith.

Independence St. 1200: $10,000, Estate of Lawrence A. Elias Sr., Marcus Frank Elias and S&s Consulting LLC to Omni Realty LLC.

Lapeyrouse St. 1718-1720: $275,000, Katlas Properties LLC to Jacquel Nakarri Dean.

Law St. 2524: $129,000, Judith Conrad Shaw and Owen Anthony Shaw to Gretchen M. Wilkinson and Matthew J. Oakes.

Leonidas St. 2724-26: $32,000, Joseph Stewart, Luke W. Kennedy, Nathalie S. Rixner and Stevenson Earl to C. & An Investments LLC.

Louisa St. 923-25: $456,300, Erica Lyn Hauben Karas to Anthony M. Dios.

Majestic Oaks Drive 4713: $54,000, Gonzalo A. Martinez to 3r Winslow Enterprises LLC.

Manchester St. 6711: $4,300, Andre P. Varnado to Bellcree Developments LLC and Keith Ducree Jr.

Marais St. 3036: no value stated, Urban Family Redemption Ministries to American Reit LLC.

Marais St. 3036: $62,500, American Reit LLC to Feliciana Marais Properties LLC.

Marigny St. 6119: donation, no value stated, Catherine Persica Marie and Wade J. Persica to Wayne Michael Persica Jr.

N. Broad St. 1739-41: $185,000, Ray A. Worthy to Revitalization Realty LLC.

N. Derbigny St. 3049: $55,000, Cest Beau Enterprises LLC to John Davis Williams III.

N. Prieur St. 1477: donation, no value stated, Emily C. Jeffcott Beck to Joshua H. Beck.

N. Prieur St. 1564-1566: $285,000, Bastion Developments LLC to Stephanie Rachelle Gross Tyler and Yvette Kathleen Tyler Gross.

Norgate Drive 5629: $169,000, Peter Scott James to Corlisha Quinn Caston and Wilbert Caston.

Oleander St. 8434-36; Pritchard Place 8816-18: $242,000, Tommac LLC to Register Holdings LLC.

Pasteur St. 6215-17: $52,500, Omni Realty LLC to C. & An Investments LLC.

Paris Ave. 3120: $182,580, Charles Gordon Walsdorf, Christopher M. Walsdorf, Ina Kathleen Walsdorf, James Lawton Walsdorf, James Patrick Walsdorf, Kay Jordan Starr, Laurie Walsdorf and Michele Barousse to Paint Pro Depot LLC.

Pauger St. 3135: $22,000, Desire Delahoussaye Stukes to Birdthebarber7 LLC.

Pauline Drive 4953: $30,000, Agnes Anderson Harris to T.&T. Real Estate Development LLC.

Perth St. 7323: $190,000, Andre David Lebeau Sr. to Ashley M. Kelly Harris and Lajuane J. Harris Sr.

Pierres Court 13760: $126,000, Robert Therriault Jr. to Shavonna D. Cross.

Port St. 1125-1127: $225,000, G. Miranda Properties LLC to Courtney E. Liddell.

Pratt Drive 5721: $160,000, Pamela Diana Shambra Lahoste to Brandon Schill, Erin Greer Schill.

Rhodes Drive 4939-4941: $150,000, J. Williams Construction LLC to Brandon Johnson.

Ridgeway Blvd. 2761: $56,000, Ralph R. Hopkins to Robert W. Gunn III.

Savoie Court 4866: $137,900, Thu Trang T. Ngo Nguyen and Thu Trang T. Ngo Tran to Hao Tran.

Spain St. 913: $629,000, Byron G. Fortier Scholl to Arnold B. Chace III and Charline Besnier Chace.

St. Ferdinand St. 827-829: $432,500, Jonathan X. Hoss to Lorraine Ramona French Revocable Living Trust.

St. Maurice Ave. 2018: $5,500, Elias Cottrell III and Louis D. Bartholomew to Susan Dandridge Jackson.

St. Roch Ave. 6419: $244,500, Patrick T. Bossetta to Juanita M. Perez.

Trafalgar St. 3420: donation, no value stated, Kim Thuy Thi Nguyen to Minh C. Nguyen.

Tricou St. 925: $139,900, Vask LLC to Maurice Crowley Jr.

Urquhart St. 1820-22: $172,000, Lynda V. D Johnson to Absolute Return Management LLC.

Werner Drive 4528: $115,000, Connie Jacobs to Treniece Dabney.

Wildair Drive 6042: $65,000, Dorota Sanecka Malkinska Malkinski and Leszek Malkinski to Freydel Sanchez LLC.

Wilton Drive 6000: $102,500, Nena Maria Montoya Bennett to Kyle P. Winkler III and Kyle P. Winkler Jr.

District 4

Freret St. 2216-18: $198,675, 4 Star Real Estate Investments LLC to John D. Zarsky.

Jackson Ave. 2027: $105,000, Aflar LLC to Madom Contractors LLC.

Second St. 2021: $110,000, Erin Christine Doherty, Susanna Rosehartati Dew to Oliver R. Lamb.

St. Charles Ave. 2100: $465,000, Jane Fazende Glade and Louis Glade to Mathile Watsky Abramson and Steven N. Abramson.

St. Charles Ave. 2434: $550,000, Joanna Catherine Corbeau Yager and Maurie Dale Yager to Glenn M. Darden and Kimberly Williamson Darden.

District 5

Atlantic Ave. 114: $439,000, Full Sail Investments LLC to Brian Douglas Thevenot and Kara Vuskovich Thevenot.

Berkley Drive 4918: donation, no value stated, Hai Thi Nguyen to Anh Nguyen Kunita and Ho Cong Nguyen.

Copernicus St. 3021-23: $145,000, Mark Diamond to Gordon McFarland Jr.

Couret Place 18: $45,000, Francis J. Catalanotto Jr., Kay Elizabeth Musso Catalanotto to Robert E. Dunning and Yoshie Kadena Dunning.

Danbury Drive 2765: $211,000, Berry Benson Tucker and Mary Moorman Tucker to Stacy C. Benton.

Dickens Drive 3530: $40,000, Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Wilmington Savings Fund Society Fsb As Trustee of Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust A.

Forest Park Lane 5176: donation, no value stated, Felicia R. Wano Irving to Charlotte Marie Gettridge Lewis.

Heritage Lane 42: $20,000, Pennymac Loan Services LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington Dc.

Herschel St. 4626: $65,000, Joseph A. Prokop Jr. and Joseph Hugh Mccusker III Trust to Sheena Marie Evans Mitchell.

Macarthur Boulevard 5408: $120,000, Danny Dale Benefield and Margaret McClean Benefield to Destination Hq LLC.

Murl St. 1426: donation, no value stated, Anthony Holmes Sr. and Gloria Denise Holmes to James Holmes Jr.

Octavia St. 2506: $727,000, Candace Marie Lewis Stedem and Michael Daniel Stedem to Eric Olivier Dumonteil.

Silver Maple Court 3641: $250,000, Blueprint Investment Fund to Alan Stringfellow.

Timber Bluff Lane 3707: $20,000, Johnny Wilson Sr. and Sherlene Sanders Wilson to Quang Trinh.

Verret St. 922-24: $277,000, Bargeboard LLC to Nicholas W. Guerra.

Westpark Court 67: $285,000, Rosa M. Allo Thomason and William F. Thomason to Emily Ocampo and Walter Ocampo.

District 6

Amelia St. 2836-38-40; Willow St. 3700; Willow St. 3712: $50,000, Ruby Lee Davis Eason to T&t Real Estate Development LLC.

Antonine St. 817-19: $662,500, Celia Maria Zervigon Blum, Kathryn Mobley Zervigon, Marcos Luis Zervigon and Mario Francisco Zervigon to Kirkland Tucker Clarkson and Rebecca Lindner Clarkson.

Carondelet St. 3331: $825,000, Louisiana Urban Wear Inc. to Louisiana Avenue Investments LLC.

Clio St. 4219-21: $30,000, Mario O. Padilla to Manzanares Properties LLC.

Clio St. 4324-4326: $253,550, Whirlwind Space Ac LLC to Almore Joseph Cato II and Erreca Cato.

Fontainebleau Drive 6201: $393,800, Caitlin L. Papso to Jonathan E. Shipp.

Foucher St. 924-926: $778,000, Bellefoucher LLC to Edwin Harrison Bragg and Elizabeth Bryan Bragg.

Joseph St. 1336; Pitt St. 5602: $595,000, Pauline M. Willeford to Nancy Randolph Gunn Colden.

Laurel St. 4632: donation, no value stated, Brian Douglas Thevenot to Kara Vuskovich Thevenot.

Louisiana Ave. Parkway 3825: $40,000, Willie Mae Lawson to Honey Bee Thy Keeper Inc.

Louisiana Ave. Parkway 3825: $80,000, Honey Bee Thy Keeper Inc. to Nghs LLC.

Peniston St. 728: $355,000, Cheryl L. Wright to John P. McDonald and Vicki Kay Shaffer McDonald.

S. Galvez St. 4237: $479,000, Omar Alas to Alice E. Green Bates and Brandon M. Bates.

S. Robertson St. 5830-32: $10, 5830 32 South Robertson Street LLC to Ga Robertson LLC.

S. Rendon St. 1923-1925: $273,000, Marcus D. Leblanc to Nathan W. Herring and Winifred R. Rubin Herring.

S. Tonti St. 4428: $360,500, Donna Thibodeaux Smith to Aaron Giambattista,

Versailles Boulevard 34: $820,000, Eleanor Karen Ludwig to Ware M. Porter Jr.

District 7

12th St. 338: $420,000, Elizabeth Harmon Gullett and Timothy L. Gullett to A. & A. Trust.

Apple St. 8401: $4,000, Adryanna Thompson, Elisha Perry and Tyrese Wooden to 2546 Columbus Street LLC.

Apple St. 8737-39: $55,100, Finance of America Structured Securities Acquisition Trust 2018 Hb1 Wilmington Savings Fund Society Fsb Not Individually But Solely Astrustee to Yan Lin Li.

Birch St. 7806-08: $315,000, Calvin Anthony Baker and Kenneth Fitzgerald Baker to Burdette Homes LLC.

Callender St. 143: $210,000, Barbara Ann Badie Trahan, Brian Badie, David Badie Jr., James McDuffey and Zina Harris Wyre to Seabrook Management LLC.

Center St. 6601: $195,000, Arden Charbonnet Levet, Marie Charbonnet Solis to 6601 Center St. LLC.

Cohn St. 7705-07: $220,000, Suresh N. Belame to Cozette Ortiz Dajani and Khaled A. Dajani.

Dante St. 1314: $300,000, Holly Anne Cornett to Peter C. Knapp Jr.

General Odgen St. 3604: $147,800, American Capital Investment LLC to Jamie Jones.

Holly Grove St. 4100-02; Holly Grove St. 4104-06: $32,000, Dixie Hooper Depp and Donald Douglas Depp to Donald Hunt Powell II and Shay Moree Powell.

Lake Marina Ave. 318: $140,000, Chase M. Chiasson to John W. Squires.

W. Robert E. Lee Boulevard 234-36: $138,000, Ann Matranaga Gary to John Galjour Jr., Kristina Balducci Galjour.