Landis Construction Co. in New Orleans has appointed an executive team with Anne Teague Landis as chief executive officer, becoming the third generation of Landises to take the 59-year-old company’s lead role.

She will oversee strategy, administration and finance.

Christian Generes is the company’s new president. He has worked closely with longtime executive vice president and chief operating officer Jim Lewis, who will serve as an adviser. Generes will execute the company business plan.

Other appointments are Kyle Condon as chief construction officer and Sarah Busch as vice president of operations. George Voss will continue as senior vice president of purchasing, and Gary Melerine as general superintendent.

The company said the appointments complete a five-year leadership transition plan.

Former CEO Jim Landis will become chairman, remaining involved in the business as an adviser.

“I feel incredibly honored to be taking the lead at Landis Construction, building on the heritage of my father and grandfather. Our transition has been slow and methodical which gives me great confidence in our team, which is led by stellar executives,” said Anne Teague Landis.

The company was founded in 1956 by Fred S. Landis.