Transfers for Jan. 1-4

District 1

Camp St. 1300: $750,000, Kimberly V. Gros Patrick Gros to Coliseum Square Properties LLC.

Camp St. 1376: $860,500, Monarch Investment Holdings LLC to Christine Duarte and Robert M. Duarte.

Coliseum St. 1765: $289,000, Louisiana Coastal Viii LLC to Constance Edmondson Karnowski and Jeffrey J. Karnowski.

Dhemecourt St. 4322: $299,000, John Richie to Ryan L. Jones.

Erato St. 2111-13: $12,500, Laurie Witter Howenstine and William Van Howenstine to La Fleur Properties LLC.

Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. 2622-2624: $250,000, Loan & Mai Investment LLC to Robert A. Dubois.

S. Galvez St. 424-24 1/2- 426-26 1/2: $330,000, 424 26 S. Galvez Street LLC to Louisiana State University Board of Supervisors.

S. Galvez St. 432-34: $175,000, Better Home Solutions LLC to Louisiana State University Board of Supervisors.

S. Galvez St. 436-38: $287,500, South Galvez Street LLC to Louisiana State University Board of Supervisors.

S. Murat St. 212-214: donation, no value stated, Rhonda Sue Lusk Nelson to Michael P. Nelson.

Terpsichore St. 1135: $100, Monarch Investment Holdings LLC to Alice Dixon Weston and Scott Dickson Weston.

Washington Ave. 4317; Washington Ave. 4319; Washington Ave. 4333: $555,000, Earl L. Mathes Jr. and Jane Alexander Mathes to APS Holdings LLC.

$253,000: 428-30 S. Galvez Street LLC to Louisiana State University Board of Supervisors.

District 2

Ada Place 5659-61: $124,000, Michael Weinnig to Jerome P. Mouton and Zee Ann Weinnig Mouton.

Barracks St. 727: $240,000, Michael J. Glantz to Catherine Louise Deano Flynn.

Dauphine St. 1119: $185,000, Joseph Gagliano to Leisa J. Stanton Meyer.

Dumaine St. 3116: $250,000, Leslie Pichon Ellis to A and M 786 LLC.

French St. 768-70: $373,000, Audrey Kate McIntosh Johnson, Christopher George Johnson and Gregory G. Johnson to Michael A. Foley.

French St. 802: $499,000, Julie Garvey Sclafani and Kyle S. Sclafani to Kevin Bergeron and Sue Soto.

General Diaz St. 5667: $295,000, Alexandre E. Bonin to Taylor C. Mathews.

Governor Nicholls St. 1916-1916 1/2: $220,000, 20179wy 22 LLC to Frederick Szilagi and Rosemary Szilagi.

Hawthorne Place 5520: $520,000, Scott A. Keeler to, Cornell E. Blanche Jr., and Mark J. Burton Blanche.

N. Broad St. 837-39; N. Broad St. 841: $300,000, Vernette Wallis Andry to Valmont Investments LLC.

N. Dupre St. 1211: donation, no value stated, Roland Steve Peacock to Larry R. Adcock.

N. Lopez St. 932: $376,000, Cornell E. Blanche Jr., and Mark J. Burton Blanche to Jacqueline Taylor Rosner Carey and Timothy James Carey.

Navarre Ave. 929-931: $290,000, Jennifer Blatty to Deyanira Rairan.

Ringold St. 119: $270,000, Russell A. Civello to Gs Pharis Inc.

Robert E. Lee Boulevard 1033: $1,175,000, Marc A. Bonifacic to Kenneth William Lacoste.

Robert E. Lee 2118-2120: $158,000, Frances Elizabeth Lisotta Falcon to Eric Scott and Valrie Scott.

St. Ann St. 1515: $100,000, Greater First Pilgrim Baptist Church of Christ to C. & JZ Properties LLC of Utah and Elite Renovations LLC of Utah.

District 3

America St. 4115: $27,000, Cr 2018 LLC to Blanca C. Chepio and Rivas Jonathan Escobar.

Arbor Drive 7300: $178,000, Anthony Joseph Allain and Nicole Labostrie Allain to Virginia Landry Greenidge.

Arbor Drive 7411: donation, no value stated, Ernest Paul Price Sr. and Sheila Price to Ernest Paul Pricde Jr., George Sayles III and Robin Sayles Boyd.

Arts St. 2126: $185,000, Kory Dupree to Lisa Banke Palanza and Lisa Banke Signorelli.

Bancroft Drive 5615: $660,000, Bancroft Property Investments LLC to Julie G. Sclafani and Kyle S. Sclafani.

Bonita St. 4714: $55,000, Angela McClean Anderson, Daniel J. Mclean Iv and Grace M. Mclean Trust, David M. McLean, Patrick Joseph McLean and Thelma H. McLean to Jose Madrid.

Burgundy St. 3129: $250,000, Michael Wayne Barnes, Nathalie Marie Helene Chandler and Tonka Trust to Cullen James Lawlor.

Castlewood Drive 10211: $110,000, Community Associates Inc. to Melissa Marie Glover.

Charbonnet St. 716-18: $212,000, Gutters Tech La LLC to Anne Churchill Handler.

Clouet St. 2213-15: $170,000, Grand Reserve Investments LLC to Jeremy M. Steven.

Elysian Fields Ave. 4845: donation, no value stated, Randy Clint Bellizan to Carmen Bellizan Barden, Cindy Terrence Bellizan and Clover Bellizan Davis.

Florida Ave. 2038: $140,000, Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Co. and Jonathan M. Wallick Roth Ira and 5116 Clara LLC to Flohouse LLC.

Gibson St. 3519; Gibson St. 3522; Gibson St. 3525: $60,000, Bayou District Foundation to Jec Development LLC.

Hickman St. 7500: $125,000, Jerry W. Bates to Jarmaine Rainey.

Jourdan Ave. 1013: $340,000, Nakajima Home Leasing LLC to Eugene S. Shinn and Evelyn Sizer Shinn.

Jourdan Ave. 1739: donation, no value stated, Prosight Specialty Insurance Brokerage LLC to Lowernine Org.

Lamanche St. 1010-12: $40,000, Exemplar Capital Management LLC and Millennial Capital Management LLC to Harry Calvin Handy.

Mandeville St. 1325: $230,000, Joseph K. Cox to James Michael Craven, Jillian Lowerey Craven and Jillian Lowrey.

Marais St. 1514-16; St. Bernard Ave. 1238-40; St. Bernard Ave. 1246-48: $100, Calypso Properties LLC to Marcomb Holdings LLC.

Marigny St. 1304-1306: $100, P. Shah Properties LLC to Srdan Loncar.

N. Derbigny St. 1924-26: $20,000, 1626 Touro Street LLC to Caroline Wagner Middleton.

N. Dorgenois St. 1747: $325,000, Glenn A. Haydel, Lillian Smith Haydel and Lillian Smith Koroma to Emily R. Hartnett.

N. Prier St. 1460-62: donation, no value stated, Jose Del Giudice and Odile Lajara Del Giudice to Odile Nicole Del Giudice.

N. Rocheblave St. 1747: $95,000, Lynn Robinson Pope to Sheila Dian Bushey.

N. Roman St. 1458-60: $205,000, Christine Indovina and David A. Dieckhoff to Jacob G. Zola.

N. Tonti St. 2608: $65,000, Jonese Mc Williams Jones, Lashaun Mc Williams Thomas, Raymond Mc Williams Jr., Raymond Mc Williams Sr. and Tamiko Mc Williams to Leonard C. Washington.

Paris Ave. 4024: $10, Rita Mae Wilson to Eep Oop Ork Ah Ah Inc. and Neutral Ground Development LLC.

Redwood St. 4801: $95,000, Geraldine Caston Harrell to Clotia C. Abbey Mensah and Cynthia J. Simpson Hawkins.

St. Anthony St. 1222-24: $275,000, Delia White Nash and Louis Nash to Eitan C. Palma.

St. Bernard Ave. 1425-27: donation, no value stated, Magnolia Rayford to Melvin Rayford.

Stephen Girard St. 2019: $70,000, Flay Sambrone Metoyer to Easy Living Ventures 25 LLC and Easy Living Ventures LLC.

Touro St. 1626-1628: $185,000, 1626 Touro Street LLC to Deshonne Marie Druhet.

Touro St. 2642-2644: $8,250, Albert C. Martin Jr. and Alton Peter Martin to Nola Renovations 247 Co.

Trout St. 7910: $84,500, Betty Miller Smith to Angel Clark Henry.

Warrington Drive 6053: $235,000, P. Squared Investments LLC to Holly L. Milner.

Weaver Ave. 7301: $10,000, Antoinett Conley Chevalier and Randy Chevalier to Carlos Wheeler.

Wickerfield Drive 5320: $89,350, Pch Properties LLC to Bryant Michael Deruise.

Wright Road 4939: $147,500, Chanda Victoria Hankton and Earl Hankton Jr. to Sharvone Shanette Krish.

District 4

Carondelet St. 2601: $120,000, Otto Barry Schoen and Susan R. Schoen to Jill Marie Jenkins and Laura Ann Killelea Revocable Living Trusts.

Prytania St. 2520: $2,550,640, Anne Therese Christovich Gay Fernandez, Jeffrey James Christovich, Marie Elise Grote and Michael Mossy Christovich to Kim Duplissey Bachmann and Stephen J. Bachmann.

S. Dorgenois St. 2401: donation, no value stated, Devo Investments LLC to Hotel Hope.

District 5

Bennett St. 3132: $123,000, Katina Marie Baker Dunn to Katrice Lanette Harris.

Cypress Court 200: $55,000, Archrock Services Lp to Shanelle Joseph Foster.

Easter Lane 2327: $202,000, Brandon E. Breaux Real Estate Inc. to Robert Samuels.

Evergreen Ave. 1925: $178,000, Jonathan Michael Walczak to Valerie Baker Rowland.

Heritage Lane 15: $75,000, Nexgen Coastal Investments LLC to Jamie L. Schoonover and Marie Farris Schoonover.

Huntlee Drive 110: $215,000, Patrick J. Kennelly to Larry K. Spalding.

Inwood Ave. 3654: $198,500, Eric S. Diaz to Markell A. Sneed.

Ken Court 4857: donation, no value stated, Angela Harrison Watson, Ashley Yvonne Watson and Gary Harrison Ducros to Angela Harrison Watson.

Newton St. 3216: $70,000, Josephine Davis Smith to Joshua Martinez.

Tullis Drive 5885: $15,000, Derrick Castine, Kory Castine and Rhan Castine to Hi Tech Services LLC.

Warwick Court 6121: $124,000, Cleveland Lawrence III to Tina Marie Brown.

White Oak Ave. 3661: $269,500, CNICE Properties LLC to Nydga Reed Johnson and Shelton Deundre Johnson Sr.

District 6

Broadway St. 1238: $975,000, Walter Evan Plauche to Kenneth M. Morrison and Kriss Bradley Morrison.

Broadway St. 373: $100, John L. Weil and Judith Shipley Weil to Andrew B. Marcus.

Broadway St. 399: $100, Kristen M. Baumer, Molly M. Baumer to Catherine Curran Barnett and Richard Barnett.

Camp St. 4520: $270,000, Katherine A. Bell to Mary F. Messerle and Michael E. Messerle.

Carondelet St. 3419-21; Carondelet St. 4325: $510,000, Rosenblat Properties LLC to Andrew Associates LLC.

Coliseum St. 3102: $269,000, Brenda Boswell Nolan and Rathel Linwood Nolan to Jackson Cunliffe Troutt.

Eleonore St. 1460: $100, Bonny Booth Babin Maloney and Robert S. Maloney to Celeste D. Elliott and Douglas R. Elliott.

Fontainebleau Drive 5824: $345,000, Carin Ann Cusimano Evans, Dana Cusimano Farley, Frank A. Cusimano Jr. and Gary Philip Cusimano to Christopher Jordan Weaver and Margarette Breaux Weaver.

Magnolia St. 5301: $485,000, James Buchanan V. Borders and Rosalind Bogan Borders to Courtney Bell.

Tchoupitoulas St. 5115: $267,000, Carolyn Ruth Mayo, Romaliz D. Mayo and Tranita Mayo Idowu to Randall Allan Poore.

Upperline St. 608-610: $567,000, Ramsey Jordan Green to David E. Mitchell.

Upperline St. 608-610: donation, no value stated, David E. Mitchell to Edward T. Jennings.

Valence St. 2037: donation, no value stated, Lauren M. Hebert Innes to Matthew J. Innes.

District 7

Cherokee St. 239: $389,000, Jeremy Cannell and Lauren Holmes Cannell to Brittany Maywalt, Marie Ocanas Maywalt and Timothy J. Maywalt.

Sycamore St. 8519: $218,000, Cl45 Las Reo LLC to Barbara M. Straight and James H. Straight.