GONZALES — Gonzales reported two instances when heavy rains overwhelmed its wastewater treatment system in the last year, compared to six times in 2009, according to a DEQ report filed Oct. 10.

Municipalities are required to provide detailed information about wastewater treatment capacity, system age and treatment plant performance, said Missy David, research scientist with the Department of Environmental Quality’s Capital Region Office.

“Everyone has overflows,” said David — especially in areas affected by hurricanes and tropical storms.

Reporting procedures are in place to assure regulatory compliance and to give communities a way to track the age and health of its system.

“We’re very pleased with the report,” said Mayor Barney Arceneaux, crediting the improvement to a $3.5 million sewer rehabilitation project coordinated by engineering consultants Glenn G. Shaheen & Associates Inc.

The largest portion of that project was the relocation of a major pump station from behind City Hall to a spot across Worthey Road, and the installation of a new force main to move sewage from the station to the treatment plant on La. 44, just south of La. 30, said Perry Perck, the city’s wastewater supervisor.

The rehab project is ongoing, Perck said, and includes repairs to two smaller lift stations and upgrades to sewer lines in older parts of the city.

Online Editor’s note:

This story was updated Oct. 15, 2011, to correct the name of the project coordinator to Glenn G. Shaheen & Associates.