A Livingston woman was intoxicated and lying in a road when she was run over and killed by a pick up truck, a State Police news release says.

State Police said Friday that Melissa Barrilleaux, 26, was alive but drunk when she was run over Sept. 3 while lying on La. 42 at Manchac Point.

Investigators initially thought Barrilleaux was already dead when she was struck by a 1990 Ford pickup driven by 49-year-old Matthew McCoy, also of Livingston, Trooper First Class Russell Graham says in the release.

There was “a lack of external injuries and other evident physical trauma,” to Barrilleaux’s body, indicating that she had died before being run over, Graham’s release says.

However, “the autopsy results indicated that Barrilleaux died as a result of internal injuries consistent with being run over by a vehicle’s tire,” the release says.

Tests showed that her blood-alcohol concentration was more than four times the legal limit, Graham’s release says.

McCoy, the driver, stopped immediately after running over what he thought was debris in the roadway, and tried to help Barrilleaux, the release says.

McCoy volunteered a breath test that showed no detectable alcohol in his system, Graham’s release says.

No charges have been filed, the release says.