A Gonzales man was arrested and another man is wanted in an early Saturday morning incident at a convenience store that ended in the shooting death of a third man, Gonzales Chief of Police Sherman Jackson said.

Darren Paige, 21, 921 W. Macci St., Gonzales, is being held in the Ascension Parish Prison on one count of second degree murder in the shooting death of Carlos Austen, 21, of Gonzales, Jackson said.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Christopher George, 25, 1208 W. Penn St., Gonzales, who is wanted on one count of aggravated battery, he said.

Jackson said video surveillance footage shows the incident started as “something simple” in the parking of the convenience store at 2031 W. La. 30 in Gonzales.

The video shows George and Austen arriving in one car and Paige pulling up alone in a separate vehicle.

“Words were passed” as the three men entered the store, Jackson said. Austen eventually separated George and Paige and the men went their separate ways in the store, Jackson said.

Paige made a purchase and returned to his car, Jackson said. George then approached Paige’s vehicle and struck him in the face. Moments later, Jackson said, Austen came out of the store and shots were fired.

“We know at least two people were shot, but the investigation is still under way,” he said.

Austen, who was struck in the hip, was taken to a hospital by a woman who also was grazed by a bullet in the shooting, Jackson. Austen was pronounced dead at the hospital about 20 minutes after he arrived, Jackson said.

Officials are not sure yet if the woman arrived with George and Austen or was a bystander.