GONZALES - The City Council approved, by unanimous vote Monday night, a low bid of $849,944 submitted by R.J. Daigle and Sons to complete an overhaul of North Edenborne Avenue.

The bid was about $40,000 more than the estimated budget for the project, said Chief Engineer Jackie Baumann. However, she recommended going ahead with the project, which will include resurfacing the road and other intersection improvements.

Work should begin in about a month, City Clerk Clay Stafford said.

In other business Monday, the council also approved substantial completion of two water improvement projects.

The first project upgraded the water lines from Big Ben’s on Burnside Avenue, taking the line underneath Bayou Francois and connecting at Worthey Road to create a looped system, Stafford said.

This loop will improve water pressure, fire protection and will cause fewer outages when repairs are needed, Stafford said. The total project will cost $79,279, he said.

A second water project relocated and upgraded water lines in advance of the $562,000 road project to add turn lanes to both sides of Cornerview at its intersection with Burnside, Stafford said.