NAPOLEONVILLE — Assumption High School showed the greatest percentage of growth in graduation rates statewide last year, according to information released by the Louisiana Department of Education.

During Wednesday’s Assumption Parish School Board meeting, Superintendent Earl “Tibby” Martinez said the school had a 26.7 percent increase in its Cohort Graduation Rate from 57.4 percent in the 2009-10 school year, to 73.4 percent in preliminary 2010-11 figures, an increase of 16 points.

“We’re very pleased with these results,” Martinez said. “It shows the effort that our teachers, faculty, staff and community are putting into helping these students graduate and become successful individuals.”

According to information released Monday from the Louisiana Department of Education website, the Cohort Graduation Rate is a measure based on the percentage of students who enter the ninth grade and graduate four years later.

Assumption High School Principal Niles Riche said he expected growth in the figures, but not as much growth as was realized.

“We couldn’t be any more excited,” Riche said. “We never expected to have the largest growth in the state.”

Riche said the increase comes from efforts at all levels of parish schools.

“This is possible because of the effort of teachers, faculty, staff, administrators at every level,” he said. “What’s done from pre-K up has a direct effect on the high school level.”

The report comes after many of the district’s schools recently received performance score letter grades of C or D from the state Department of Education.

Board member John Beck said the achievement shows that the district’s attempt at improving its schools is having positive effects, despite the stigma of low letter grade performance scores.

“We have some great programs in place here, and those results are starting to show,” Beck said.

Beck added that the increase has a deeper effect in that about 20 percent of the families living in the school district are living in extreme poverty.