NAPOLEONVILLE — The Assumption Parish Police Jury on Wednesday ordered a Belle River business owner to remove numerous bulk items from the front of his business, or he will be required to fence the property.

Darryl Daigle asked jurors during an Engineering and Grants Committee meeting why he was being required to move items some jurors referred to as junk from the front of his La. 70 wholesale fish and seafood business.

The pieces include cars, cabling and other metal items that Daigle said are not junk.

“It’s not a junkyard,” he said. “That’s good equipment with a lot of value.”

Juror Henry Dupre said when the original junk ordinance was adopted, businesses that recycle or refurbish heavy metal objects were not as prominent in the parish.

“Perhaps we need to draft a new ordinance to address this type of business,” Dupre said.

Assistant District Attorney Lana Chaney, parish legal adviser, said the parish’s junk ordinance states the Police Jury determines what types of items are classified as junk.

Daigle asserted that many of the items that were shown in a recent photograph of the property have been removed.

At a previous meeting, Daigle complained he was being singled out by the jury for his property’s condition, while other properties weren’t being addressed for the same problem.

“I’ve reported other properties with similar situations, and nothing has been done,” Daigle told jurors.

Juror Irving Comeaux, who chairs the committee, said the parish’s ordinance requires a written complaint signed by the complainant before action can be taken.

Juror Myron Matherne, who represents the area and owns an automotive repair shop next to Daigle’s business, said he has received numerous complaints about the property, but none have been formally filed.

Juror Irving Comeaux said once the parish receives formally filed complaints, it would then enforce the ordinance and require a fence be built, if the items are not removed.

Parish Secretary-Treasurer Kim Torres said a letter sent to Daigle dated Sept. 14 gives him 60 days to show the property has been cleared of the items in question.