LUTCHER — St. James Parish Superintendent Alonzo Luce advised the School Board he received a scholarship enabling him to attend a year-long advanced leadership training program.

Luce said in addition to continuing to serve as school superintendent, he would attend the Lamar University Superintendent Academy in Beaumont, Texas, commuting one weekend each month.

The scholarship, valued at more than $10,000, calls for Luce to go on a week-long trip to New York City, where he will tour the city’s public school system, and to visit San Antonio.

He said he hoped School Board members would join him in San Antonio when they are invited to attend academy sessions in March, he said.

Luce is one of 26 superintendents chosen from about 70 nominees from Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma to attend the 2011-12 Lamar University Superintendent Academy, according to a St. James Parish school district news release.

“I do appreciate the board allowing me to attend the Superintendent Academy, one of the best professional developments I’ve been to,” Luce said.

Other matters coming before the board included:

ST. JAMES HIGH SCHOOL: Board member Patricia Schexnayder asked when the School Board will decide the fate of St. James High School and its proposed new football stadium.

Board President Charles Nailor said later in the meeting school officials would be speaking with landowners Friday and early next week “to see what’s the right thing to do for St. James High stadium.”

School officials are in the process of deciding whether to build a new football stadium at the west bank school or find an entirely new school site because of planned industrial plants to be built near the current St. James High.

School officials said at a meeting last month they are eyeing land near La. 3127 and La. 20 in Vacherie as a possible site for a new high school.

School officials could also leave the school where it is located and build the football stadium there or build a new school site on land the school district ons in Vacherie.

Also during the discussion, board members praised the newly constructed Lutcher High School football stadium.