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Photo provided by Cabrini High School—Yvonne Hrapmann, center, principal of Cabrini High School, is seen with Rakell Spencer, left and Bailey Hepting, winners of the Mother Aloysius Almerico Award for Excellence in Athletics.

Two senior athletes at Cabrini High School, Bailey Hepting and Rakell Spencer, received the Mother Aloysius Almerico Award for Excellence in Athletics during the school’s spring athletics awards ceremonies. The award recognizes leadership, determination, an exemplary work ethic on and off the field, and a contagious spirit that inspires teammates and coaches.

Senior athletics awards also went to Deborah Alvarenga, Liseth Abigail Avila, Cayla Bean, Jessica Breitenbach, Sabrina Brue, Janay Chopin, Samantha Contreras, Harley Dellsperger, Megan Farina, Brooke Goodwin, Kailie Guidry, Hepting, Kaylin Hillburn, Miranda Kelley, Angelina Lanza, Helen Laune, Olivia Loyde, Victoria Mehrtens, Karli Perque, Asia Satcher, Hailey Sculthorp, Savannah Seals, Spencer, Haven Thomas, Katelyn Thomas, Mignon Toppino, Emily Winchester and Jillian Wohlgemuth.

Soccer lettermen were Liseth Abigail Avila, Lauren Blady, Megan Farina and Jillian Wohlgemuth, three years; Camryn Hanley, Miranda Kelley and Skylar McLeod, two years; and Hannah Burmaster, Sabrina Brue, Samantha Contreras, Alyssa Dazet, Alexis Jacquet, Cecilia Kelley, Hope Lalla, Helen Launey, Belle Nguyen and Sarah Plunkett, one year.

Basketball lettermen were Rakell Spencer, five years; Kelsey Pinera, four years; Rayven Patin, two years; and Brandi Bachemin, Lemuria Clark, Sydnee Glass, Lindsey Lovecchio, Paige Luster, Madison Murphy, Domonique Weber and Brionne Woods, one year.

Bowling lettermen are Olivia Loyde, three years; Janay Chopin, Tori Luster, Victoria Montalbano, Savannah Seals and Arianna Williams, two years; and Kayla Gallagher and Allison Serpas, one year.

Softball lettermen are Jessica Breitenbach, Karli Perque and Hailey Sculthorp, four years; Kaylin Hillburn, Katelyn Puinno and Christie Runnels, three years; Brittany Juneau and Danielle Williams, two years; and Shelby Brooks, Megan Clement and Alyssa Dazet, one year.

Track and field lettermen are Samantha Contreras, Miranda Kelley and Taylor Mumford, four years; Cayla Bean and Lauren Blady, three years; Elise Duplessis, Lauren Klemm, Kathryn Mipro and Haven Thomas, two years; and Brooke Goodwin, Cecilia Kelley, Olivia Michelli, Sydnie Newton, Jade Peoples and Alexis Shelton, one year.