Metairie Rotary scholarships.jpg

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO — The Rotary Club of Metairie recently awarded 10 scholarships. In the front row, from left, are Taylor Tom, Gabriella Velazquez, Taylor Sparacello, Marlena Bruno, Katelynn LaSalle and Alicia Schouest. In the second row are Rotarian Harold Buchler, Emily Kennedy, Daniel Schwertz, Payton Claverie, Franchesca Giroir, Justin Turner, Megan Bott and Rotarian Randy Martin.

The Rotary Club of Metairie has awarded 10 scholarships to students attending high school on the east bank of Jefferson Parish. Four of the scholarships are for $8,000, and four are for $1,000.

The recipients are as follows:

  • Megan Bott, Haynes Academy for Advanced Studies
  • Payton Claverie, John Curtis Christian High School
  • Layne Estes, John Curtis Christian High School
  • Franchesca Giroir, Archbishop Chapelle High School
  • Emily Kennedy, Archbishop Chapelle High School
  • Alicia Schouest, Riverdale High School
  • Taylor Sparacello, Archbishop Chapelle High School
  • Taylor Tom, Archbishop Chapelle High School
  • Gabriella Velazquez, Archbishop Chapelle High School
  • Sabrina Walch, Haynes Academy for Advanced Studies

The scholarship checks were presented during a recent Rotary meeting, which also attracted prior scholarship recipients Marlena Bruno, Katelynn LaSalle, Daniel Schwertz and Justin Turner.

Applications for 2017 scholarships will be available from college counselors at east Jefferson schools by Feb. 1.