Ursuline Academy is the newest school to join the ACE Mentor Program of New Orleans. ACE, or architecture, construction and engineering, is designed to introduce high school students to the wide range of career opportunities in those fields and related areas of the building design and construction industry.

The nationwide program, which came to New Orleans in 2012, involves 45 high school students at four schools: Ursuline, Warren Easton, De La Salle and Sci High.

Typically, an ACE class will design hypothetical projects, tour construction sites, and visit architectural, engineering and construction offices. This school year, ACE students at Ursuline designed plans to repurpose a section of their historic school building into a cafe.

Students in ACE classes work directly with professionals from leading area firms, who volunteer their time to guide them in designing their projects. The industry professionals provide hands-on experience in solving the types of design, engineering and construction challenges that they confront every day.

Ursuline Academy ACE students joined students from the other three high school ACE classes in presenting their final designs for their project during the 2019 ACE graduation dinner at April 17.