With the end of the Jefferson Parish Council District 4 race in sight, a series of last-minute commercials has amped up the heat in an already intense race.

One-term Kenner Ciy Councilman Dominick Impastato is attacking two-decade state legislator Danny Martiny's signature legislative achievement, criminal justice reform: He's running an ad in which a crime victim says Martiny's bill could set free the man who kidnapped both him and his girlfriend.

Martiny says that's false, pointing out that his bill would only apply to nonviolent criminals.

"It's a blatant lie," Martiny tells the camera in is own TV spot. "I haven't let anybody out of jail."

Martiny has also aired ads featuring former Sheriff Newell Normand, District Attorney Paul Connick and Councilwoman Cynthia Lee-Sheng, the daughter of former Sheriff Harry Lee, all of whom tout Martiny's law enforcement bona fides.

Martiny also continues to point out Impastato's past support of Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni, whose administration was rocked more than year ago by the revelation that he was sending sexually explicit text message to a teenager. 

Impastato "borrowed Yenni's 'Fresh Ideas' slogan and would be Yenni's fourth vote on the council if elected," a Martiny Facebook post insists.

Impastato, who has spent much of the race avoiding the topic of Yenni, took exception.

"Danny Martiny has gone overboard trying to make you believe that I'm in this race because of Mike Yenni," Impastato said, calling Martiny's words a "hate campaign" against Yenni and saying perhaps Martiny should run for Parish President.

Impastato noted that he called on Yenni to resign in the wake of the texting revelations, something he said Martiny never did.

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