The Kenner City Council on Thursday will consider appointing Leigh Roussel as the city attorney to replace Mike Power, who is leaving to join Jefferson Parish’s government.

Roussel is now the deputy city attorney.

The council on Thursday also will consider hiring outgoing Assistant Parish Attorney Renee Hatch Aguilar to assume some of the duties Roussel has been performing.

After he is sworn in as Jefferson Parish president on Wednesday, Kenner Mayor Mike Yenni anticipates that the Parish Council will approve hiring Power — Kenner’s city attorney since last year — as the parish attorney, replacing Deborah Foshee.

Mike Sigur, who began serving a six-month term as City Council president on Friday and who will be Kenner’s acting mayor after Yenni leaves office, is expected to nominate Roussel.

She is expected to hold the post at least until Yenni’s permanent replacement is elected late this year, said Dominick Impastato, who will serve as City Council president and interim mayor starting in July.

Roussel has been working in the Kenner City Attorney’s Office since it was created in 2006. Prior to that, she was part of a law firm that Power helped establish and that handled many of the duties for Kenner that the City Attorney’s Office now performs.

“Leigh has a lot of institutional knowledge,” Michael Quigley, Kenner’s chief administrative officer, said Monday. “We feel ... really confident that she’ll make a good city attorney.”

Kenner Assistant City Attorney Brad Richard also is planning to join Power in the Parish Attorney’s Office, thus freeing up two of the four full-time positions in the Kenner office.

Aguilar would assume one of those openings.

Aguilar has spent almost seven years as an assistant parish attorney under two parish presidents — Aaron Broussard and John Young, whose term ends Wednesday.