The Jefferson Parish Council and Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office both named The New Orleans Advocate as their official journals Wednesday.

The decision means legal and judicial notices from those agencies will appear in the paper for the coming fiscal year, which starts July 1.

Government bodies are required by law to name a newspaper as an official journal where meeting announcements, minutes, bid requests and some private legal matters are published in order to keep the public informed.

Members of the Louisiana Press Association also post the notices to their websites for no additional charge, and the LPA keeps a long-term database of notices online.

The Parish Council voted unanimously to select The New Orleans Advocate as its official journal over competing bids by The Times-Picayune and City Business.

The New Orleans Advocate’s bid was about 17 percent lower than The Times-Picayune’s and 74 percent lower than that by City Business.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office separately awarded its contract to The New Orleans Advocate.

The ultimate value of the contracts depends on how much advertising is purchased during the year.

The New Orleans Advocate was declared eligible to compete for the notices in Orleans and Jefferson parishes by a unanimous vote of both houses of the Legislature in May.

In addition to Jefferson Parish and the Jefferson Sheriff’s Office, the New Orleans Advocate has been named the official journal of the cities of Kenner, Gretna and Harahan, the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-West and the Non-Flood Protection Asset Management Authority since it was allowed to compete.

“Being selected as the official journal by so many agencies is a sign of the acceptance of The New Orleans Advocate as the hometown paper of metro New Orleans,” said Dan Shea, president of The Advocate. “I’m especially pleased that politics did not enter into the equation and we won all seven accounts by being the lowest bidder, as it should be.”

The Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East, the Jefferson Parish Law Enforcement District and the city of Westwego chose The Times-Picayune as their official journal.

The city of New Orleans, the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office, courts in Jefferson and Orleans and the Port of New Orleans have not yet chosen an official journal for the coming fiscal year.

In addition to The New Orleans Advocate, The Times-Picayune and City Business, Gambit is also eligible to be the official journal of governments in one or both parishes.