Grand Isle’s hurricane protection levee was damaged during intense weather late last week, officials said Tuesday.

Jefferson Parish Councilman Ricky Templet, whose district includes the island, said he intends to introduce a resolution declaring a state of emergency in Grand Isle during a council meeting Wednesday.

The southeast winds of a storm system that caused damaging floods in other parts of Louisiana pounded the hurricane protection levee on the western end of Grand Isle on Thursday and Friday, Templet said.

That levee protects the Gulf of Mexico side of Grand Isle from surges created by hurricanes and other storms, Templet said. “This is the first line of defense for Jefferson Parish and the metropolitan area, and we’re three months away from hurricane season beginning June 1,” he said.

Templet said his resolution would follow similar ones approved Tuesday by Grand Isle’s Town Council and its independent levee district board during emergency meetings called by Mayor David Camardelle.

Patricia Bellanger, the secretary of the levee district board, said those actions were intended to speed up attempts to secure state and federal funding for repairs.

Neither Bellanger nor Templet had a preliminary estimate for how much the repairs might cost. But the resolutions from the levee district board and the Town Council described the damage as “severe.”

Camardelle could not be reached for comment.