Crews expected to have a leaking sewer main near the corner of Citrus Road and Generes Drive in River Ridge repaired by Monday evening, Jefferson Parish Councilman Paul Johnston said Monday afternoon.

Johnston, whose district includes River Ridge, said the roadway around the leak might not reopen until Tuesday morning to facilitate clean-up efforts.

Earlier Monday, officials had given residents in the area the OK to use water without restrictions even as repairs to the main continued.

To assist in repair efforts, parish officials Sunday evening had asked residents and business owners in River Ridge to refrain from using water for purposes such as washing dishes and washing clothes because that water goes into the sewerage system. Drinking water was never affected.

Johnston said the leak began when a clamp connecting two of the sewer main’s pipes popped for unknown reasons.

Officials initially believed the weekend’s extreme heat might have caused the street to buckle, rupturing the main, but Johnston said that did not appear to be the case.

Raw sewage began spilling from the leak and into storm drains on Sunday afternoon. Officials strongly advised residents to avoid coming into contact with the smelly, spilled sewage.

Motorists who need to navigate through the area can use Jefferson Highway as an alternate route, officials said.