Christ Episcopal School welcomed prospective students to their high school campus during a recent open house.

Current students guided visitors through an afternoon of activities designed to showcase the school's academic and extracurricular offerings.

Students heard from Colin McComiskey, proud parent of two current students and one graduate, who shared his own experience of trying to find the right high school for his sons.

He talked about some misconceptions commonly associated with a small independent high school, but told parents of prospective students that he believes they cannot find a place more accepting, more sustaining, or more welcoming place for academic growth than Christ Episcopal School.

“There are no boundaries here ... a love of learning defines this place,” McComiskey said.

Prospective students and their parents also heard from administrators, clergy and school community members. Current students led classroom tours that included hands-on learning experiences, giving the visitors a taste of what life is like at Christ Episcopal School.

For example, in the biomedical science lab, prospective students watched the dissections of a fetal pig and sheep brain, received height estimations of the length of their humerus bones, and witnessed a gel electrophoresis lab through which they learned about staining DNA.

Prospective students also met with club and athletic department representatives. Among the clubs in attendance were the STEM Club, which showed off catapult and lever arms constructed from 3D printed designs; the Outdoor Club, which discussed a recent twilight paddle; and the Cheese Club.

Meanwhile, Christ Episcopal students remain busy with other activities on campus. The Larger Than Life Club recently spent a Friday afternoon posting kind notes to the locker of every high school student.

Much of the student body also contributed to a theater production of "The Crucible." Thespians acted in the play, while other students put their sewing talents to work in the costume design class or aided the theater department by forming the light crew, sound crew and stagehand team.

A bike trip is quickly approaching for members of the Outdoor Club, which students are excited about.

With such a variety of ways to participate, all Christ Episcopal students can find a way to be involved.