25 Years 

Over 100 members of St. Tammany Parish veterans organizations, their auxiliaries and public officials took part in the first Memorial Day ceremony held at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Covington post. Milton Foster, commander of the Ivan Huval Post 7268, was the master of ceremonies. Former Congressman John Rarick was special guest speaker with Col. Jack Marr as another speaker on the platform. Others present included a number of local and state American Legion and VFW members and officers, Judge Brady Fitzsimmons, Col. Bill Dobson (of the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office,) Lane Carson of the D.A.'s Office and Assessor Patricia Core, State Representative Eddie Deano Jr. and Scott Lindsly, of Slidell. 

50 Years 

In simple language, (the reapportionment suit) would give more representation on the police jury and school board to heavily populated areas, which, as (the suit) asserted, are not presently represented in proportion to voting strength.

The suit specifically claims that Wards 8 and 9, which include Pearl River and Slidell respectively, are not represented equally with respect to their population figures. It also sites that Ward 3, which includes Covington, and Ward 9 are the only two wards with more than one police juror representative.

75 Years 

On Tuesday of this week, Rep. Fred J. Heintz, of St. Tammany Parish, introduced a bill authorizing the highway department to build a bridge or a series of causeways connected by spans extending across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans to Mandeville.

Such a project would furnish jobs for a large number of men and would put our locality in a position to expect a greater volume of tourist trade and a larger number of permanent residents commuting to jobs in New Orleans. The total cost, Representative Heintz says, will be $15 million.

100 Years 

Congressman J.Y. Sanders has introduced a bill in Congress to provide a government building for Covington, to cost $50,000. This action would have been taken some time ago had it not been for rulings of the War Department that prevented construction work. Covington has been entitled to this building for some time, as the receipts of the post office here are in excess of the required $10,000. We would also be entitled to mail delivery if we had sidewalks on all streets within the delivery section.

125 Years

The Constitutional Commission has agreed to present an amendment to the state constitution on the subject of the suffrage franchise. It provides that, to enjoy the right to vote in Louisiana, the suffrages must possess the following qualifications: First, he must be a citizen of the United States, 21-years-old and upward, a resident of the parish six months, a resident of the ward or precinct in which he offers to vote thirty days next preceding the election. Next, he must be a registered voter, and have paid his poll tax for the year next preceding the election. Next, he must be able to read the constitution of the State in his mother tongue, or, in the default of that, he must be the owner of property, real or personal, located in the state of a cash value assessed for taxation of not less than $200.