A 96-year-old woman crashed her car through the plate-glass window at the front of the Paul R. Spitzfaden Community Center in Mandeville on Monday morning, injuring at least four people inside, police said.

The four victims — all of whom were seated in a TV lounge in the community center — were taken to hospitals, according to Lt. Gerald Sticker, of the Mandeville Police Department.

The most seriously injured victim, 83-year-old Antonio Cornacchia, of Mandeville, was taken to Lakeview Regional Medical Center to be treated for broken bones and lacerations.

The other three victims — 95-year-old Leo Wurtzel and 87-year-old Nicholas Currault, of Mandeville, and 57-year-old Mary Graver, of Covington — were all treated for minor injuries and were expected to be released from hospitals later Monday.

The crash happened about 9 a.m., when Rita Williams apparently hit the gas pedal in her 2001 Toyota Camry instead of the brake as she was trying to park, sending the car crashing through the front of the building.

Williams was issued a summons for negligent injuring and will be referred to the Office of Motor Vehicles for a driver review, Sticker said.

The Community Center is a popular gathering spot each morning for local seniors, Sticker said.

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