25 years

A series of three public meetings on the Master Plan for the Tammany Trace linear park will be held in Mandeville, Slidell and Covington, beginning on Wednesday, December 8. ... The hearings will give the public a chance to hear the details of the master plan and give input on the 30-mile-long recreational project. Tammany Trace is a linear park being developed on the former railroad right of way from Slidell to Covington for the purpose of walkers, joggers, skaters, bike riders and horseback riders.

50 years

Due to the rapid growth of St. Tammany Parish, the school board may have a bonding limitation in excess of $5 million instead of the $3.5 million originally estimated. The board will ask for a tax referendum in the near future for new construction and additions to public schools to relieve crowded conditions. This was discussed and set in motion at last months’ meeting of the board. Supt. Cyprian Schoen said he had been informed by the school board’s bonding attorney firm of Foley and Judell of the new higher debt limit on a bond issue, but told The Farmer “This does not necessarily mean we will ask for that limit."

75 years

Once again, Christmas comes around and the Christmas Seal of 1943 expresses in the face of a little child that faith which normally all happy, well-cared-for children have in Christmas. The campaign in Covington and St. Tammany Parish is now on under the able chairmanship of Mrs. Margaret Homeyer, who has so ably conducted previous campaigns. What did you do with the tuberculosis Christmas Seals which you received them in the mail this year? Did you send the money immediately to your parish Tuberculosis Association, and are you using the seals on every piece of Christmas mail you send?

100 years

WANTED — Ship carpenters, 80 c(ents) per hour; second class, 72c; caulkers, 80c; machinists, 80c; asbestos workers, fitters and electricians, 80c; plankers, 62c, fasteners, 62c. Apply at employment office, Jahncke Shipbuilding Col, Madisonville, La. Contractors for U.S. Shipping Board, Emergency Fleet Corporation.

125 years

Mrs. J. Labatt of the popular Labatt Hotel at Abita Springs, made us a Thanksgiving present of a fine Muscovy duck, which was as large as a turkey and as tender as a spring chicken. The generous gift was thankfully received and fully enjoyed by ye editor and family.