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Cedric Dejuan Laurant, 19

A Covington man wanted on four counts of attempted second degree murder turned himself in to Covington Police Thursday.

Cedric Laurant Jr., 19, was wanted in a shooting that took place at 1:30 p.m Tuesday in the 200 block of W. 29th St.

Police received a 911 call Tuesday afternoon and arrived on the scene to find a person in the street who had been shot.

Det. Edwin Masters of the Covington Police Department said at the time that the person sustained a gunshot wound, but did not elaborate on where the person was shot or what type of weapon was used. That person was transported to an area hospital and treated. 

On Thursday, Masters said Laurant's family members helped coordinate his surrender, which took place at 12:49 p.m. at his attorney's office in Covington.

Masters said police were hoping to learn more about the shooting following the arrest, but that Laurant did not make a statement at that time.

According to Masters, a small caliber firearm was used to fire several shots on Tuesday. Several bullet casings were collected on the scene, but no further evidence was found during subsequent investigation. Masters said Laurant and the victim likely knew one another, as they both live in the area of the shooting.

The police department gave Laurant's address at 303 W. 29th Ave. Masters said Laurant lives with family there, and they were among the people who urged the suspect to turn himself in to authorities.

Police questioned witnesses throughout the day on Tuesday and issued a statement Wednesday morning naming Laurant as the suspect.

After turning himself in at the Covington Police Station, Laurant was charged with four counts of L.R.S. 14:27/30.1 Attempted Second Degree Murder, and transported to the St Tammany Parish Jail.