Christ Episcopal students, from left, Destiny Dane, Bridget Wendelstedt and Abby Zeller, pose for a picture during the school's annual Thanksgiving feast. 

Eight years ago, before Christ Episcopal School’s Center of Inquiry high school building existed, a tradition of the school Thanksgiving feast was born. 

Faculty members pushed together four picnic tables, students arrived bearing dishes and treats, and family unfolded beneath the portico of the old high school building.

There were only 25 high school students at that time, but they started a tradition that students would value for many years to come.

The high school has grown a lot since then, and this year, more than students enjoyed the Thanksgiving feast. The Student Council asked each high school student to bring an item to the feast, and the presidents of each grade assigned a meal category to their peers. These included desserts, paper products, side dishes and meats.

When the feast day arrived, students piled their contributions high in the Center of Inquiry’s kitchen. Parent volunteers organized and decorated the lobby and outdoor porch. Vases filled with beautiful flowers graced the tables, where students who were ready to fill their plates and celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with their classmates were seated.

After everyone gathered for prayer, teachers directed students through an assembly line of tables overflowing with dishes and desserts.

As is tradition, seniors invited their eighth-grade buddies to eat with them as an introduction to one of the many high school traditions. This Thanksgiving feast is a reminder that, at Christ Episcopal School, everyone has a place at the table.

CLUB ACTIVITIES: In addition to the feast, students busied themselves in a variety of ways before the holiday break. The STEM Club built gliders and tested them with a wooden launcher members created.

Students in the Vonnegut class organized a special high school chapel service in honor of author Kurt Vonnegut’s birthday.

STATE CHAMPS: The Christ Episcopal School boys cross-country team recently won the Class C Boys’ State Championship, while the girls cross-country team earned their second Class C state championship in a row.

SENIOR SCOOP: The seniors enjoyed an ice cream social recently with their eighth grade buddies.