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John Zeringue

A Slidell High School student was arrested Tuesday after he used his cell phone to take a video underneath a teacher's skirt and posted it on a social media site, according to the Slidell Police Department.

The teacher was helping another student and was unaware of what had happened until later that day, when she was made aware of the video, Capt. Daniel Seuzeneau said.

A complaint was filed with Slidell police, and investigators identified John A. Zeringue III, 18, as the boy who took the video.

Zeringue admitted to the incident, Seuzeneau said, and he was arrested for video voyeurism, a felony.

"Per our disciplinary guidelines the student has been excluded from school," spokeswoman Meredith Mendez said in an email.

The St. Tammany Parish school system had previously banned cell phones from school grounds. But this summer, the School Board voted to change the policy, effective this school year, allowing students to have phones on campus.

Administrators said at the time that the phones would improve communication in the case of an emergency, such as a school shooting.

Under the new policy, however, students are required to keep the phones turned off and kept in their locker, school bag, purse or pocket. They cannot be displayed at any time during the school day.

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