Nauck NO.babydeath.030218

Corey Nauck, left, Carter Joseph Nauck

Tanner Nauck, a fourth-month-old baby who died in 2016 and the brother of seven-month-old Carter Nauck — who police say was killed in St. Tammany’s first homicide this year — has officially had his death reclassified as “undetermined” from “natural,” according to a spokesman for St. Tammany Parish Coroner Charles Preston.

The father of the two, Corey Nauck Sr., of Folsom, was arrested last week on a first-degree murder charge for the death of Carter, who Preston said died of blunt force trauma.

His brother Tanner died on Jan. 4, 2016, with the autopsy at the time showing severe congenital heart disease but no obvious signs of trauma, according to Preston’s spokesman.

But the circumstances of Carter’s death have given Preston reason to review Tanner’s case.

"I would stress that there is no particular red flag after reviewing the case, but given the additional information regarding Carter's death, we are looking at Tanner's death through a different lens," Preston said. "The mechanism to change a death certificate involves writing a letter to the state. That letter is now in the mail."

Preston said he’s spoken with the boys’ mother, Melissa Nauck, and made her aware of the reclassification.

Preston said due to the ruling of Carter’s death as a homicide, he will provide no further comment on either case.

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