Emails suggest hospital created job for DA’s brother _lowres

St. Tammany Parish Hospital

One St. Tammany Parish Hospital employee struck another employee with her vehicle Friday evening as she was leaving work, according to Covington Police Chief Tim Lentz.

The pedestrian, 52-year-old Anfred Tachdijian-McCarthy, was taken to the Emergency Department with severe injuries, Lentz said

Merideth Andrews, 36, was leaving the employee parking lot on Harrison Avenue and had stopped at a stop sign at the intersection of Harrison Street and 8th Avenue before turning left onto 8th Avenue. Tachdijian-McCarthy was in the crosswalk, just a couple of feet away, when Andrews struck her with Ford truck.

Lentz described the accident as low-speed and said that the crosswalk is well marked and well lit with flashing lights announcing the approach of the crosswalk in both directions. Unfortunately, he said, Andrews did not see Tachdijian-McCarthy.

Impairment is not suspected, and a breathalyzer test administered to Andrews showed no alcohol, Lentz said. She was cited for failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

Melissa Hodgson, spokeswoman for the hospital, said that their employee remains in critical condition.

"We are praying for our team members, and our chaplains are available to our employees. We have also arranged support counselors from our Employee Assistance Program to be onsite for staff counseling sessions," she said.

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