25 years

Dan Conlin believes he is “getting in on the ground floor” of something good. Conlin, who has been an assistant coach at Mandeville High since 1987, was named the first head football coach of the Fontainebleau High Bulldogs when the new school opens its doors next year. Randy Morgan, the school’s principal, made the announcement Monday.

Conlin, 49, is no stranger to new football programs, as he was an assistant coach when Cor Jesu fielded its finest team in 1967. Conlin stayed on the staff of his brother, Bobby, when Cor Jesu merged with St. Aloysius to become Brother Martin High in 1969.

“This is an ideal situation for me,” said Conlin. “I’ve turned down several head coaching jobs the past few years because I would have had to pick up and move. This way, I’m in the same system.”

“He’s worked hard here and he’s done a good job,” said Mandeville High head football coach Skip Curtis, who hired Conlin to be an assistant coach in 1987. “He’ll get the program up and running.” Conlin isn’t predicting state championships, but he made it plain he believes the Fontainebleau football program will grow into something good.

50 years

The St. Tammany Humane Society finance campaign, now underway, will complete what surely will be the finest and most modern animal shelter in the entire South. The individual pens for dogs are really something. There will be 24 of them for animals picked up off the streets, each with a door opening from an enclosed all-concrete doghouse into an outside yard completely protected by a chain-link fence.

The doors to the cages may be opened from outside the fence by the caretaker. Dogs are individually separated. There will be a dipping vat for dogs wit a large holding pen for animals immediately after they are dipped.

75 Years

A meeting was held recently in Bogalusa at the Y.M.C.A. to organize a baseball league for boys under draft age. Men present were C.L. Black, L.P. Lacombe, Joseph Cohen, Jake King, Pete Chauvin, of Bogalusa; Dr. W.R. McGehee and H.R. Sylvest, for Franklinton; Bruce Hayes, scout for Larry Gilber’s Nashville Nine, represented Covington, also Frank Cusimano, of Slidell, by proxy.

Professor Hal. M. Gilder, of Lyon High, will be business manager of the Covington club. Clarence Kohnke will be captain of the club. A meeting will be held at the mayor’s office in Covington on Monday, April 24 at 1:30 p.m. All residents are invited. Mayor Hebert Frederick is 100 percent behind the movement. Brother James of St. Paul’s college and “Ted” Kentzel of St. Paul’s athletic committee, Superintendent William Pitcher and coach Gallagher, of Lyon High, and Ed Fielding, of the American Legion, are all enthusiastic supporters of Covington’s entry in the league.

100 years

The official promulgation in the good roads election has not yet been put in form for publication, because various work in connection therewith requires more time than can be had previous to the publication of The Farmer. All legal matters and requirements, however, were observed at the meeting of the Police Jury on Thursday and full proceedings will be published next week.

A telegram from the bond buyers approved what had been done. The election expressed an almost unanimous public sentiment for good roads and the parish is to be congratulated upon its progressive spirit. (The final parish vote was 545 in favor and 108 against.)

125 years

See if you can find the Police Jury proceedings in this issue. They are here somewhere.