25 years

Court officials briefly halted court in Covington Monday afternoon while deputies with the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office conducted a search of the front of the building in response to a phone call about bombs placed there. No bombs were found, a sheriff’s office spokesman said. The courthouse just installed a new security system, and taking time out to search for the reported bomb and sending people back through the metal detector at the entrance of the courthouse caused some delays, it was said. ... Investigators felt that the crank call was from someone either hacked off in court or displeased with the new security measures at the front door.

50 years

The voting in seven big states will have a major impact on the 1968 presidential election. Here are the states and their presidential voting records from 1900-1964, as compiled by World Book Encyclopedia: New York: 43 electoral votes — 10 for Republican candidates and seven for Democrat candidates; California: 40 electoral votes, with nine for Republicans, seven for Democrats with one vote going to the Bull Moose Party of Teddy Roosevelt; Pennsylvania, 29 electoral votes, 11 for Republican candidates, five for Democrats and once for the Bull Moose Party; Illinois: 26 electoral votes — nine Republicans and eight Democrats; Ohio: 26 electoral votes — 10 Republicans and seven Democrats; Texas: 25 electoral votes — 14 Democrats and three Republicans; Michigan: 21 electoral votes — 11 Republicans, five Democrats and once for the Bull Moose Party.

75 years

Thursday, a representative of this newspaper was shown several of the fine upholstered seats in the Star Theatre which had been cut with a knife and otherwise torn and damaged. This evidently is the work of some vandal with the mind of a criminal and a reward is offered elsewhere for his apprehension. Another instance of viciousness was reported to us by Frank Heck whose family milk cow was slashed across the throat Wednesday night. Not so long ago, this same cow was shot through the stomach, but fortunately its life was saved by careful attention.

100 years

The meeting last Sunday in the interest of the United War Work campaign was in many ways unique, especially in the singing of the songs popular with the soldiers at the front. Everybody was made to sing, and more than that, to whistle them. Mr. D.V. Blaney, the Y.M.C.A. worker, was a wonder when it came to whooping things up. If you don’t believe it, ask J.D. Grant, of Slidell. The writer sat next to him and will guarantee that he is both a singer and whistler of quality — and let me say also, a patriot through and through.

125 years

Insurance rates are so high, very few of our citizens can afford to indulge in that luxury.