Slidell Junior High recently held its annual talent show.

Among the performers were Jeannette Wintters, “The Mystical Magician; Bella Culotta singing “Stay”; Rhajzah Crockrum and Tykell Spriggs dancing to “Contagious Love”; Jordan Groh singing “Part of Your World”; Madison Estis singing “Royals”; Samantha Hernandez playing “Black Swan” on the piano; Madalyn Dupuis and Celia Guillory performing “Everything Has Changed”; Ja’Naya Augustine-Gibson, Kelsey Willis and Ahriel Albert dancing to “Gucci This”; Noel Schonhoff singing “Love You Like A Love Song”; Kaley Pichon singing and playing “Let it Go” on ukulele; and Caitlyn and Kelcie Dardar dancing to “Heart Cry.”

Faculty also participated, with a piano performance from Lemorris Hunt, and a song from Sarah Goff and Katey Robinson. Guillory performed “Edelweiss” with Jochen Kranz, and “Good Riddance” with Principal Patrick Mackin.