At its recent meeting, the Folsom Board of Aldermen adopted a budget for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2020, that includes a modest amount of money for the repair of deteriorating village streets.

The board had added $150,000 for street repairs to Mayor Lance Willie’s proposed budget during a May 27 budget workshop.

“That’s just a start,” Willie told The Farmer, adding that he hoped to find additional sources of revenue for street repairs in future budgets.

Folsom is one of only two St. Tammany municipalities (Sun is the other) that does not levy property taxes, so it relies on sales taxes for most of its revenue. Though it has contracted with grant writers for several years, they have had limited success in securing grant funding for the village.

The new budget was approved by the board at its regular June 10 meeting. As adopted, it anticipates total expenditures of $1,378,314, including $336,005 for the police department, $290,050 for general village expenses, $192,200 for streets and drainage, and $441,109 for operation of the village’s utilities systems.

Ordinary revenues are expected to total $1,417,775. In addition, the town will receive a one-time $744,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to help fund the soon-to-be-completed rehabilitation of the village sewer system.