Recent births at Slidell Memorial Hospital include:

Jacob Matthew Rayner, born Sept. 2, son of Jennifer Rayner and Christopher Rayner, of Slidell.

Bishop Terrell Owens, born Sept. 5, son of DeLisa Payton and Bruce Owens, of Slidell.

Brooklyn Nicole Deese, born Sept. 6, daughter of Ceara Hendrickson and Robert Deese Jr., of Slidell.

Grant Sterling Crochet, born Sept. 7, son of Katelyn Champagne and Robert Crochet III, of Slidell.

Skylar Monet West, born Sept. 7, daughter of Rosland West and Romalis West, of Slidell.

McKenzie Marie Morel, born Sept. 8, daughter of Enjolie Cresson Morel and Russell Anthony Morel, of Slidell.

Emily Kai Ritter, born Sept. 8, daughter of Shannon Ritter and Jason Ritter, of Slidell.

McKinley Rose Saucier, born Sept. 11, daughter of Jennifer Cramer and Daniel Saucier, of Pearl River.

Khalia Amari Bolton, born Sept. 13, daughter of Notasha S. Thorton and Paul D. Bolton, of Slidell.

Piper Margaret Pearson, born Sept. 13, daughter of Cara Lee Pearson and William Brent Pearson, of Slidell.

Nian Gabriel Canales Soliz, born Sept. 15, son of Mabel Soliz and Gabriel Canales, of Slidell.

Adeline Cora Lee Cole, born Sept. 16, daughter of Ashley Cole and Maison Martin, of Slidell.

Vanessa Toledo, born Sept. 17, daughter of Mariana Valee and Edwin Toledo, of Slidell.

Beau Paul Guelfo, born Sept. 19, son of Christina Guelfo and John Guelfo III, of Slidell.

Anthony James McGuay Jr., born Sept. 27, son of Rikki McGuay and Scooter McGuay, of Slidell.

Allie June Domino, born Sept. 28, daughter of Aimee Oakley and Brandon Domino, of Chalmette.

Caroline Michelle Ponthieux, born Sept. 28, daughter of Lauren Lois Ponthieux and Cameron Kyle Ponthieux, of Slidell.

Reneé Nicole Siegfried, born Oct. 2, daughter of Nicole Siegfried and Jason Siegfried, of Slidell.

ZauDanSeng Philip Achyu, born Oct. 3, son of NuNu Ling Achyu and Zawraw Achyu, of Slidell.

Grant Michael Zaffuto, born Oct. 5, son of Brittney Zaffuto and David Zaffuto Jr., of Slidell.

Tyler Joseph Faul Jr., born Oct. 7, son of Kaitlyn Marie Widmer and Tyler Faul Sr., of New Orleans.

Jenson Ace Papillion, born Oct. 11, son of Morgan Papillion and Kristopher Papillion, of Slidell.

Benjamin James Stewart, born Oct. 16, son of Natalie Drudge and Scott Stewart, of Slidell.

Gavin Landon Jeffreys, born Oct. 17, son of Shelby Vorenkamp and Adam Jeffreys, of Slidell.

Malayna Rose Buie, born Oct. 19, daughter of Stephanie Billings and Zachary Buie, of Slidell.

Madelyn Blake Savoie, born Oct. 19, daughter of Tamara Savoie and Roy Savoie, of Picayune, Mississippi.

Gianna Noelle Antoine, born Oct. 21, daughter of Tara Danielle Antoine and John Henry Antoine IV, of Slidell.

Mekhi James Cooper, born Oct. 23, son of Kayla Janay Cooper and James Michael Cooper, of Slidell.

Devyn Rose Ducote, born Oct. 23, daughter of Savanna L. Ducote and Dennis R. Ducote, of Pearl River.

Jace Humphrey Engle, born Oct. 24, son of Jennifer H. Engle and Charles D. Engle Jr., of Slidell.

Jazmyne Jeanette Wilt, born Oct. 24, daughter of Amanda Nata and Jeramy Wilt, of Slildell.

Slade Rockett Pinterick, born Oct. 27, son of Parris Noelle Huffman and Nicholas George Pinterick, of Slidell.