Alleged identity thief busted in New Orleans _lowres

Tarra Watkins

A woman wanted in Louisiana and Texas for financial crimes was booked Monday after a multi-agency task force found her in New Orleans.

The investigation started when a Mandeville woman reported nearly $900 in suspicious charges on her debit account. When the woman checked her credit score, she discovered two fraudulent accounts had been opened, allegedly by Tarra Denea Montgomery Watkins, 35, according to Mandeville Police spokesman Kevin Covert.

Watkins is also accused of running up $9,000 in credit on the victim’s account and was in the process of obtaining another $25,000 line of credit, Covert said.

An investigation by the Mandeville Police Department, the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office, and a U.S. Secret Service task force resulted in Watkins being located on Bruxelles St. in New Orleans.

Watkins was booked on counts of bank fraud, forgery, identity theft, access device application fraud and computer fraud. Watkins has multiple outstanding warrants in Denton and Dallas counties in Texas and in Oucahita and Jefferson parishes, Covert said.

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