A Pearl River woman who had eight special needs people living in her home has been booked with cruelty to the infirm and aggravated battery after St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s detectives investigated complaints that of them made to a teacher.

Terry Crowe, 65, was booked in the St. Tammany Parish jail May 10 on three counts of cruelty to the inform, two counts of aggravated second degree battery and one count of aggravated battery. She remains in jail where she’s being held on a $55,000 bond.

Two special needs adults, an 18-year-old and a 22-year-old, told a teacher at their high school that Crowe had hit them and had battered another special needs adult living at her home.

Crowe adopted the 22 year old who complained; the other two are foster children who had been placed in her care and had been with her for several years, St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Suzanne Carboni said in a new release.

The three individuals all had visible marks and bruises.

Five other special needs people, five adults and one 11-year-old child, were also living in Crowe’s home and were in her care, but the Sheriff’s Office said it is not believe that they had been battered.

The child was removed from Crowe’s home by the Department of Child and Family Services. The adults are receiving care from Adult Protective Services.

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