Jeff Lahasky

The Mandeville City Council appointed commercial real estate professional Jeffrey Lahasky to the Mandeville Planning and Zoning Commission at the council’s Oct. 11 meeting.

Lahasky was one of four men seeking the appointment, along with Jeff Lyons, Leonard Rohrbough and Dennis Thomas.

Thomas recently completed his second, seven-year term on the commission and sought to serve again. Rohrbough is a mainstay at city council meetings and frequently comments on issues before the board. Lyons’ father, Edward “Bubby” Lyons, served as Mandeville’s interim mayor for five months in 2009.

This was the first time the city council used a score card system to evaluate planning and zoning commission applicants. The council voted on Sept. 27 to institute the new procedure, which allows council members to assign a score to each applicant based upon various criteria relevant to service on the planning and zoning commission.

Lahasky had the highest cumulative score during council evaluation, including perfect scores of 100 by District 1 Councilman David Ellis and Councilman at Large Clay Madden. He was recommended for appointment at the Oct. 11 meeting and approved moments later in a 5-0 vote.

Lahasky’s term began immediately.

Thomas received the second-highest evaluation score from the council, and the highest score from Councilwoman at Large Laure’ Sica. District 2 Councilman Mike Pulaski gave equal scores to Thomas and Rohrbough, though he said because he supports term limits for commission members, he could not vote to give Thomas a third consecutive term.

Thomas was praised for his work with the commission, but several members of the council said they wanted to appoint a resident of Council District 1 to equalize representation on the P & Z board.

Of the seven members on the commission, only Rebecca Bush lives in District 1 which is in the western part of Mandeville.

“Should (Thomas) apply (to be on the commission) next year, he would be a top candidate for service,” Ellis wrote in the comment section of the applicant score card.”

But, Ellis added, “We need a District 1 rep, and (Lahasky) is a great option.”

District 3 Councilman John Keller gave a slight edge to Rohrbough on his score card.