25 years

A new concept in library design, offering 4000 square feet of functional space in only 1600 square feet, was OK'd by the St. Tammany Parish Police Jury at its December meeting, with Lacombe to be the site of the $443,418 building. Library Interiors submitted the only bid for the structure unique to this state, but common in other states, said Library Director Elizabeth Rountree. The "turnkey project" will involve a small building on U.S. 190 in Lacombe with glass walls and a centrally-located carousel that will hold 14,000 books. ... Rountree said the $443,000 price tag may seem high, but since it included furniture, it was quite reasonable. Library officials feel that houses 14,000 books in only 1,600 square feet will save on air conditioning and utility costs over the long term, as well. 

50 years

How many St. Tammany parish residents are holding down government jobs at the present time and how does this compare relative to population, with the number of government payrolls in other areas? According to the latest figures, a larger proportion of the working force is to be found in public jobs — federal, state and local — than in most parts of the United States. Approximately one out of every five who are employed works for a governmental agency , and this is exclusive of those in the armed forces. ... Since 1960, more than 3 million people have been added to public payrolls, bringing the total this year to 11.5 million. In St. Tammany Parish, the figures indicate, some 18.2 percent of the working force are public employees. This is above the proportion in the rest of the United States where the average is 15.7 percent. In the state of Louisiana, it is 16.7 percent. 

75 years

Dr. Herbert E. Cannon, parish health director, announces that the x-ray trailer will be here Wednesday and urges those needing x-ray service to take advantage of the opportunity to use it. ... The x-ray trailer will be located alongside the Lyon High School (by gymnasium.) An x-ray will be made on all cases who have been active tuberculosis and an x-ray will be made of all tubercular contacts. With the new x-ray trailer, it is possible to x-ray 400-500 patients daily.

100 years

The Mason's Christmas Gifts. Covington Lodge 188, F & A.M., observed their usual custom of distributing Christmas baskets among the needy. Two auto truckloads of these Christmas remembrances were distributed Dec. 22, one in charge of Robt. Badon and A.L Bear, and one in charge of J. Monroe Simmons and Wallace M. Poole. Judge Badon was Santa Claus. There were 80 baskets.

125 years

A very pretty wedding was solemnized at the residence of Mr. L. Galatas, in Madisonville, on Thursday, Dec. 22, at half-past 4 o'clock, the contracting parties being Mr. Rudolph Galatas of Madisonville and Miss Hattie B. Watson of Anderson County, Alabama. Rev. Thos. W. Brown officiating. Only relatives and their most intimate friends were in attendance upon the happy occasion. The bride is lovely and intellectual, and the young couple are worthy of all the honors shown them. After the ceremony, a delightful banquet was served, and the newly wedded pair were the recipients of many valuable presents.