Brother Raymond Bulliard, FSC, principal and president of St. Paul’s School, presented diplomas to the 166 students of the school’s 103rd graduating class on May 18.

Members of the class of 2014 have been accepted to 97 colleges and universities and have earned more than $11.5 million in scholarships.

Second-generation graduates include: Blake Boyd, son of Robert Boyd ’84; Michael Brown, grandson of Wayne Prats ’66; August Dixon, son of Mark Dixon ’81; Joshua Farr, grandson of Paul Nacarri ’47; Marc Gremillion, son of John Gremillion ’80; David Heap Jr. son of David Heap ’83; Christian Ingram, son of Bay Ingram ’80; Evan Lewis, son of Fred Lewis ’80; Christopher Meraux, son of Pat Meraux ’85; Jack Ruli son of Jack Ruli ’77; Brennan Skinner son of Shawn Skinner ’80; Tanner Stuard, grandson of Clarence Garlepied ’62; Brent Stokes, son of George Stokes Jr. ’73; Grant Ward, grandson of Gordon Bitterwolf ’54; Turner Valois, grandson of Marcel Valois ’49; and Trevor Watkins, son of Trevor Watkins ’79.

Third-generation students include: Alex Blossman, grandson of Jack Blossman ’57, son of Joseph Blossman’85; and Devin Caruso, grandson of Eddie Riecke ’62, and son of Bryant Caruso ’84.

William Gement is a fourth-generation graduate and also has legacy connections on both sides of the family. He is the great-grandson of William Theodore Kentzel ’29, maternal grandson of Billy Kentzel ’56 and paternal grandson of Paul Gement Sr. ’57, and the son of Paul Gement III ’79.

Four students have earned the title of valedictorian for the class of 2014. They are: Zachary Lee Albright, son of Anthony and Angelle Albright of Covington, will attend Princeton University on athletic and academic scholarships with a major in economics.

Michael Joseph Burke, son of Daniel and Becky Burke of Mandeville, will attend Notre Dame University and major in chemical engineering.

Grant Michael Landwehr, the son of Craig and Shawn Landwehr of Covington, will attend LSU and major in chemical engineering.

Peter James Yager, son of Ronald and Dione Yager of Mandeville, will attend LSU and major in biochemistry.

Class salutatorian is Bryan David Livaudais. He is the son of David and Nancy Livaudais of Mandeville. He will attend LSU and major in mass communications.

Honor graduates included: Garrett M. Alline, Quinn A. Anglada, Steven Arias, Eric M. Boudet, Michael G. Brown, Zachary J. Buster, Adam C. Cannon, Christian F. Caragliano, Daniel C. Conlin, Grant P. Connolly, David D. Conroy, Ian M. Conroy, and Quentin L. Cross.

Also Patrick S. Danner, Norman W. Davis II, August P. Dixon, Kevin N. Durr, Johnathan C. Eskine, Joshua W. Farr, Adam T. Fink, John D. Frey, Sean C. Gardner, William K. Gement, Grant A. Grefer, David M. Heap, Jr., Grant B. Hebert, Jacob W. Hewson, Jimmy R. Hodgins, and Thomas H. Huval Jr., Kraemer K. Jackson, Jordan C. Jacob, Parker L. Jaquillard, Matthew J. Johnson, Shane M. Jones, Graham T. Jordan, Shane M. Kennedy, Benjamin T. Kenney, John R. Knepper, Jonah C. Knickles, Brett J. Labasse, Nicholas M. Lacoste, Robert F. Lacroix, Jr., John P. Larson, Sean E. Lavin, Tanner C. LeBlanc, Evan M. Lewis and Ethan P. Lowry.

Also Michael J. Maggio, Andre S. Marshall, John B. McCoy, Brian T. McIntire, Brad R. McNally, Jacob P. McWilliams, Philippe C. Meraux, Reid C. Michaelis, Bennet C. Miller III, Handsome E. Monica, Dylan T. Monies, Maximillian C. Morvant, William J. O’Rourke, Leo A. Palazzo, Samuel T. Pearce, Cain A. Plaisance, Wyatt S. Popovich, and Luke A. Posner.

Also Matthew N. Rader, Cameron R. Robinson, Kenneth J. Ross II, Jack H. Ruli, Thomas M. Ruli, Jr., Colin P. Savoie, Garrett E. Shearman, Nicholas J. Sibley, Brennan D. Skinner, Matthew V. Spedale, Willis L. Spurlock, Mitchell A. St. Pierre, Michael T. Stewart, Kyle O. Waguespack and William J. Warwick.

Other graduates: Cole M. Abraham, Dominick S. Alongi II, Kevin E. Arms, Aaron C. Behlar, Jeffrey T. Bertoniere, Nicholas N. Blaise, Joseph A. Blossman Jr., Benjamin C. Blume, Bryce A. Bourne, Blake R. Boyd, Mitreon E. Brumfield, Kyle P. Brunet and Jonathan M. Burkett.

Also Devin T. Caruso, Jose L. Castro III, Matthew S. Clark, Dustin D. Comeaux, Michael P. Curry, David F. Davenport, Jr., Austin J. Davis, Scott J. Dennis, David P. DiPol, Jr., Ethan A. Esquerré, James H. Farris III, Reuben T. Faust, and Conor W. Ford.

Also Marcus M. Gaines, Don J. Gallaty II, Austin G. George, Alexander W. Gondolfi, Marc J. Gremillion, Stephen E. Gulley, Ethan P. Gunter, Matthew R. Hand, Andrew M. Holzenthal, Cody M. Huyghues-Despointes, Christian E. Ingram, Garrett C. Johannsen, Robert S. Jones, Andrew J. Jung, James P. Kennedy, and Carlton B. Knight.

Also Wyatt G. Lang, Leyton E. Lavigne, Don C. Lipani II, Justin V. Marcello, Brian A. Martin II, Evan R. McDonnel, Garrett T. Melton, Robert T. Monahan, Tyler T. Murphy, Jackson B. Murrell, Lucas E. Richard, Parker E. Richerson, Clarence A. Romage III, Shelby E. Russ III, and Christopher M. Russo,

Also Parker A. Scheuermann, Joshua G. Schmitt, Justin R. Sciortino, Abel H. Shelby, Patrick T. Shelby, Odon J. Simoneaux IV, Tyler P. St. Philip, Brent W. Stokes, Josh R. Story, Tanner T. Stuard, Jase W. Stubbs, Christian T. Taylor, Nicholas J. Taylor, Michael C. Thomas, Paul R. Tilly, Cullen M. Toups, Turner C. Valois, Tate S. Wade, Derrek C. Wale, Grant S. Ward, Tanner K. Warner, Trevor C. Watkins, Jr., Austin F. Westbrook II and Peter C. Westervelt.