JOURNALISM HONORS: St. Paul's students in the journalism and yearbook classes recently participated in the Loyola University School of Mass Communications Silver Scribe awards, winning "Best Publication Website." Ben Seiden, a senior, received first place in feature writing for "A Day in the Life of a Special Needs Basketball Player." Jordan Eberts, senior, won second place for his editorial "The Current State of the Rap Community." The students participated in workshops on print journalism, yearbook design, sports reporting and graphic design. Kim Gardner is the journalism instructor and moderator for “The Paper Wolf," and Mimi Monteiro is the yearbook instructors and moderator for “The Conifer.”

IMPACT AWARD: Sean Noel, a junior at St. Paul’s School, was recently awarded the National Teen Impact Award by Shire Pharmaceuticals and the National Hemophilia Foundation for his work in the hemophilia community as well as his community service projects “Sean’s Factor,” “St. Tammany Remembers,” “Warm Hearts” and “Stand Up and Stop It!”

TOP SCORE: Northlake Christian School senior Ashley Whelan received scores of 36 in both English and science sections of the American College Test or ACT. The test has four components, including math and reading. 

MATH MATTERS: St. Paul's School Fighting Math Wolves recently competed in competitions in Baton Rouge. At the Catholic High event:

  • Winners in the team competitions included: Connor Dodson, Carter Murphy and Zach Nicholas, first place, Comprehensive I; Adam Smith, Graydon Hall and Cameron Dougherty, first place, Comprehensive II; Wesley Coles, Alexi Sotiropolous, Walker Dubreiul and Trey Paine, third place, Algebra II; Andrew Norlin, Jackson Gold, Ross Hightower and Hyde Healy, second place, Calculus B; Nicholas Reardon, Max Salvant, Brian Lea, Andrew Hightower, Zach Nicholas, Carter Murphy and William Ditta, second place, Algebra I and Geometry.
  • Individual winners included Zach Nicholas, fourth place, Geometry; Trey Paine, third place, Algebra II; Walker Dubreiul, honorable mention, Algebra II; and Adam Smith, honorable mention, Advanced Math. The school finished in third place in the sweepstakes.
  • At a Baton Rouge Magnet event, team winners included: Preston Orgeron, Alex Dusang, Trent Caime and Jonathan Hammer, fourth place Comprehensive I; and Adam Smith, Patrick Reilly, and Alex Klocek, fourth place, Comprehensive II. In the Math Bowl, Brenden Dauterive, Josh Bonnet, Darrin Lea and Marshall Unkauf, fourth place, Advanced Math; and Scott Woodward, Wesley Coles, Alexi Sotiropoulos and Adam Cazayoux, second place, Algebra II; Individual winners included: Grisham Hall, second place, and Ben Salvant, third place, Algebra I; Carter Murphy, second place, Geometry; Wesley Coles, third place, and Scott Woodard, Honorable Mention, Algebra II; and Adam Smith, Honorable Mention, Advanced Math. The Wolves finished second in the Sweepstakes competition.