Images shared by Pearl River Police Department show a piece of Halloween candy with a needle inside. 

Pearl River Police Chief "JJ" Jennings said Tuesday that his department is continuing to investigate a needle that a mother said she found in a Kit Kat bar handed out to her child while he was trick-or-treating last week.

Jennings said the child's mother discovered the needle protruding from the end of the candy bar Monday night. She was inspecting the candy before giving it to her son to eat, something that she customarily does for safety, Jennings said.

In this case, the inspection turned up something shocking: a needle about an inch in length. She took the candy to the Police Department, which promptly posted a warning on its Facebook page.

Needle found inside piece of Halloween candy in Pearl River, police say

Jennings said the needle is definitely not from a hypodermic. It does not have an eye, like a sewing needle, and looks as if it might have been broken off from a safety pin or a piece of equipment.

Jennings said a representative of the Hershey Co., which makes the candy, said it does not appear to be from any of the company's equipment. The representative also said that the company puts all its products through a metal detector, making it very unlikely that the needle was in the candy when it left the factory, Jennings said.

That's left the Police Department with a mystery. Jennings said that officers examined the torn wrapper with a magnifying glass, but it would probably take a crime lab to discover if there was a pin hole in the wrapper.

The mother told police that her child went trick-or-treating on four streets around Pearl River High School inside the town limits, Jennings said.

The Police Department has not received any other reports of candy with metal in it, he said.

"Right now, we have no suspects," Jennings said.

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