25 Years 

St. Tammany Parish Hospital in Covington is continuing its on-site major expansion plans on Tyler Street in Covington, which followed its abandonment of a new facility plan at the intersection of Interstate 12 and Hwy. 21 last year. The $9 million expansion work will double the clinical capacity of its emergency room and add 50 new patient beds, many of these to be private, in a three-story building being constructed over the new emergency room.

50 Years

Officials from the St. Tammany Parish School Board will meet with Federal District Judge Alvin B. Rubin at 10 a.m. today in the judge’s chambers in New Orleans to present a plan for operation of St. Tammany’s public school system. The disturbed and confused system during the past few years has operated under various and sundry plans, only to have discovered periodically that integration demands by the federal courts were not sufficiently complied with. Under the new plan, which is subject to change, there will be no (segregated) schools in St. Tammany Parish in the 1969-70 term.

75 Years Ago

The news that the invasion had started Tuesday, making June 6, 1944, so momentous in the world’s history, was received by the people of our section with seriousness and solemnity. Many who happened to be up late with their radios on heard the first flash around midnight Monday, while others were awakened by the tolling of the bell at Christ Episcopal Church around 3 a.m. when the news had been authenticated, and then telephoned to notify neighbors and friends to go to the radios to hear the news that D-Day had arrived.

100 Years

What is the “Shimmie?” You can attend any dance and you’ll see ten or twenty different styles of dancing. Stop any of the couples and ask them what they are dancing and the answer in each case will be the same, yet the style of dancing will be entirely different. Dancing is one of the most healthful recreations known and goes back to the beginning of Greek civilization. Vulgar dancing should and must be cut out, painful as may be the cutting to some. But let not the prude take unction to his soul at this outcry against dancing. Even the old two-step can be made into a vulgar dance.

125 Years 

Once more we have enlarged The Farmer, by the addition of four columns, and making them two inches longer. It is now one of the largest country papers in the state.