Collective sighs of disappointment and relief — from children and parents, respectively — rose over St. Tammany Parish Thursday as the parish schools made official what was already widely known: schools would operate as normal on Friday.

The parish’s public school system made the announcement on its Facebook page about 1:30, bringing to an end the unplanned three-day break due to the freezing temperatures, sleet and rain that hit the area Tuesday and lingered on many roads until Thursday morning.

Soon after the public school announcement, the Archdiocese of New Orleans announced its schools in the parish would also operate normally on Friday.

For the public schools, this week’s three day closure, plus one day closed for weather last week, means that all four extra days built into the school calendar have been used. Any further closures due to weather or other events will have to be made up.

By Thursday afternoon, all other St. Tammany government offices and facilities had reopened, including the Tammany Trace and Slidell Fishing Pier and the Camp Salmen Nature Park.