The beginning of the 2018-2019 school year gave Christ Episcopal School students the opportunity to participate in campus life in exciting ways.

These early events reminded them of the six operating principles that serve as a moral code for the enduring foundation of the school.

On Sept. 20, the significance of the school’s fourth operating principle, “Listen to what others have to say,” took on a new meaning. These words encouraged members of the high school student council to listen to the concerns of the student body by hosting their first Ice Cream Invitational.

Isabella Tape, a senior and student council president, took the lead in organizing the event.

“We hope that the result of this event will be increased participation in the student government based on the excitement students will get from making an active difference in their community,” Tape said.

Questions from students ranged from dress-code queries to club-related concerns. Students also look to the leadership of their new division head, Amy Clark, to guide the way they contribute to the school community.

“Your voices are important at this school,” Clark told the students. She suggested that students write letters to bring their concerns to the administration’s attention in a formal way.

While students expressed excitement for the first Ice Cream Invitational, other recent events on campus also brought students together.

The Larger Than Life Club members dedicated an afternoon in September to creating handmade chew toys for the dogs at the Northshore Humane Society, and the STEM Club worked together to design catapults after school.

The National Honor Society, meanwhile, inducted its newest members during a recent chapel, and the entire school got in on the action when students gathered in the gym to cheer on their peers at the first pep rally of the year.