The Pinewood Country Club summer swim team won the 2014 St. Tammany Swim League Championship Meet held July 25-26 at Cross Gates Athletic Club in Slidell.

The Porpoises totaled 2,367.5 points to handily win the event. The Lakeside Gators finished second with 1,797 points and the Cross Gates Gators rounded out Division I scoring with 1,176 points.

In Division II, the Slidell Athletic Club Marlins won with 802 points. The Buccaneer Villa Barracudas, of Chalmette, scored 737 points, the Picayune (Miss.) Blue Tide had 636.5 points and the Tanglewood Tarpons had 257 points.

Hundreds of young swimmers participated in various area meets this summer.

Following are high-point winners and runners-up from the championship meet.


6-and-under: First, Kady Benedic, Lakeside, 27 points; second, Avery Zelden, Pinewood, 25; and third (tie), Madison West, Pinewood, and Shelby Salles, Pinewood, 20.

7-year-olds: First, Mia Barnes, Pinewood, 36; second, Mackenzie Green, Pinewood, 32; and third, Caroline Cox, Pinewood, 30.

8-year-olds: First, Carley Kronlage, Pinewood, 39; and second (tie), Madelyn Smith, Slidell Athletic; Keira Huck, Picayune; and Anne Boone, Picayune, 30 points.

9-year-olds: First, Anna Grace Stenstrom, Pinewood, 39; second, Madeline Smail, Pinewood, 37; and third, Grace Green, Pinewood, 30.

10-year-olds: First, Lexie Meredith, Pinewood, 39; second, Lindsey Wheat, Cross Gates, 34; and third, Lily Ginn, Picayune, 32.

11-year-olds: First, Veryn Ballex, Lakeside, 39; second, Aubrey St. Pierre, Lakeside, 35; and third (tie), Cassidy Chappuis, Slidell Athletic, and Chloee Beebe, Lakeside, 31.

12-year-olds: First, Gabriella O’Neil, Barracuda, 39; second, Foster Merling, Cross Gates, 37; and third, Anna Carpenter, Cross Gates, 32.

13- to 14-year-olds: First, Madelyn Byrd, Lakeside, 39; second, Hannah Paradis, Lakeside, 33; and third, Jaycee Morrison, Lakeside, 32.

15- to 18-year-olds: First (tie), Katherine Simmers, Pinewood, and Claire Canulette, Pinewood, 37 points; and third, Shelby Meredith, Pinewood, 33.


6-and-under: First, Grant Wilkinson, Pinewood, 31; second, Blaine Goodey, Slidell Athletic, 25; and third, Peyton Sevin, Slidell Athletic, 24.

7-year-olds: First, Cash Strickland, Lakeside, 39; second, Logan Beebe, Lakeside, 35; and third, Wyatt Combs, Picayune, 33.

8-year-olds: First, Jake Rogers, Picayune, 39; second, Blake Nichols, Lakeside, 31; and third, Preston Paulk, Pinewood, 29.5.

9-year-olds: First, Bailey Meltz, Cross Gates, 39; second, Elliot Weisel, Cross Gates, 32; and third (tie), Gabriel Brewer, Cross Gates; David Zelden, Pinewood; and Nicholas Buckley, Pinewood, 26 points.

10-year-olds: First, Mason Appleton, Lakeside, 39; second, Dominick Montecino, Lakeside, 33; and third, Bryant Bray, Lakeside, 32.5.

11-year-olds: First, David Legnon, Lakeside, 39; second, Cameron Hubert, Cross Gates, 34; and third (tie), Drew Prude, Lakeside, and Reed Kronlage, Pinewood, 32.

12-year-olds: Hunter Appleton, Lakeside, 39; second, John Clark, Barracuda, 37; and third, Dustin Rutter, Pinewood, 32.

13- to 14-year olds: First, Carson Canulette, Pinewood, 37; second, Christopher Mazier, Lakeside, 35; and third (tie), Tanner Harvey, Pinewood, and Ethan Adams-Harwell, Cross Gates, 33.

15- to 18-year-olds: First, Landon Lavigne, Slidell Athletic, 39; second, Nicholas Smail, Pinewood, 35; and third, Jacob Sterbenz, Pinewood, 33.