The Northlake Christian girls track and field team took home the top spot in the District 9-2A championship meet held on April 15 at Christ Episcopal School in Covington.

Pope John Paul II took home the runner-up spot in the 9-2A boys competition.

Team results included


1. Northlake Christian, 110

2. Amite, 74

3. Pope John Paul II, 65

4. Pine, 31


1. Amite, 130

2. Pope John Paul II, 79

3. Pine, 45

4. Northlake Christian, 41

5. Independence, 13

Top-three individual finishers (if applicable) included:

Girls 100 meters: Kyren Whittington (Northlake Christian, first, 13.11), Nina Sorapuru (Northlake Christian, second, 13.33), Tai’Brien Stirgus (Amite, third, 13.37).

Girls 200 meters: Tai’Brien Stirgus (Amite, first, 27.16), Nina Sorapuru (Northlake Christian, second, 27.67), Ateria Williams (Pine, third, 27.92).

Girls 400 meters: Bella Elias (Northlake Christian, first, 1:10.70), Brooke Lebreton (Pope John Paul II, second, 1:16.58), Jaden Story (Pine, third, 1:31.53).

Girls 800 meters: Reaca Lusich (Pope John Paul II, first, 2:44.20), Lori Foreman (Northlake Christian, second, 2:59.98), Sarah Armacker (Northlake Christian, third, 3:05.06).

Girls 1,600 meters: Reaca Lusich (Pope John Paul II, first, 5:45.50), Sarah Armacker (Northlake Christian, second, 7:05.10), Lori Foreman (Northlake Christian, third, 7:23.40).

Girls 100-meter hurdles: Jada Brumfield (Northlake Christian, first, 23.61), Sydney Cardwell (Northlake Christian, second, 24.84).

Girls 400-meter relay: Jada Brumfield, Kyren Whittington, Nina Sorapuru, Sydney Cardwell (Northlake Christian, first, 53.29), Ayanna Weber, Brokela Coleman, Tai’Brien Stirgus, Zhara Johnson (Amite, second, 55.75), Ateria Williams, Jaden Story, Krysten Turnage, Nadia Jung (Pine, third, 1:01.10).

Girls 800-meter relay: Brokela Coleman, Jalencia Pierre, Tai’Brien Stirgus, Zhara Johnson (Amite, first, 1:51.80), Jada Brumfield, Kyren Whittington, Nina Sorapuru, Sydney Caldwell (Northlake Christian, second, 1:52.80), Ateria Williams, Breanna Brumfield, Destiny Menard, Jaden Story (Pine, third, 2:08.62).

Girls 1,600-meter relay: Alesia Jackson, Ayana Weber, Imani Blossom, Talajah Robinson (Amite, first, 5:12.88), Jada Brumfield, Kyla McDowell, Leah Whittington, Lori Foreman (Northlake Christian, second, 5:55.07).

Girls High Jump: Jalencia Pierre (Amite, first, 4-10.00), Talajah Robinson (Amite, second, 4-10.00), Brooke Lebreton (Pope John Paul II, third, 4-04.00).

Girls Long Jump: Brokela Coleman (Amite, first, 17-04.00), Jalencia Pierre (Amite, second, 15-10.00), Samantha Preque (Pope John Paul II, third, 14-11.00).

Girls Triple Jump: Jalencia Pierre (Amite, first, 35-01.25), Brooke Lebreton (Pope John Paul II, second, 31-11.50).

Girls Shot Put: Leah Whittington (Northlake Christian, first, 32-08.50), Makia Clark (Pine, second, 27-01.00), Mallory Norton (Pope John Paul II, third, 25-06.00).

Girls Discus: Makia Clark (Pine, first, 86-07), Leah Whittington (Northlake Christian, second, 80-08), Mallory Norton (Pope John Paul II, third, 67-06).

Girls Javelin: Mallory Norton (Pope John Paul II, first, 100-10), Kyla McDowell (Northlake Christian, second, 61-10), Nadia McKay (Northlake Christian, third, 50-10).

Boys 100 meters: Ladarrius Williams (Amite, first, 11.38), Markel Cotton (Pine, second, 11.49), Marlon Ard (Amite, third, 11.69).

Boys 200 meters: Ladarrius Williams (Amite, first, 23.65), Jordan Anderson (Pine, second, 23.96), Titus Dillion (Northlake Christian, third, 24.19).

Boys 400 meters: Deangelo Gaines (Independence, first, 55.24), Richard Sopsher (Amite, second, 57.39), Ardavion Hughes (Independence, third, 1:05.33).

Boys 800 meters: Richard Sopsher (Amite, first, 2:10.51), Rochelle Harrell (Amite, second, 2:20.40), Peyton Chaison (Pope John Paul II, first, 5:16.57), Trydario Spears (Amite, second, 5:53.37), Ford Favre (Pope John Paul II, third, 5:53.86).

Boys 3,200 meters: Ridge Chautin (Pope John Paul II, first, 12:28.05), Daniel Calamari (Pope John Paul II, second, 12:53.25).

Boys 110-meter hurdles: Titus Dillion (Northlake Christian, first, 20.23), Joseph Duhon (Amite, second, 23.88), Bailey Desselles (Northlake Christian, third, 24.98).

Boys 300-meter hurdles: Talen Lee (Pope John Paul II, first, 53.72).

Boys 400-meter relay: Daytravion Sopsher, Kevin Bickham, Ladarrius Williams, Marlon Ard (Amite, first, 44.91), Demontrea Baham, Jordan Anderson, Markel Cotton, Nikki Lee (Pine, second, 45.22), Ellis Otiz, Sair Bustillio, Spencer Woodruff, Warren Campagna (Pope John Paul II, third, 50.90).

Boys 800-meter relay: Antonio Fobs, Kevin Bickham, Ladarrius Williams, Marlon Ard (Amite, first, 1:33.14), Demontrea Baham, Ethan Sinopili, Ian Beltran, Jordan Anderson (Pine, second, 1:54.61).

Boys 1,600-meter relay: Daytravion Sopsher, Keith Harris, Richard Sopsher, Rochelle Harrell (Amite, first, 3:56.77).

Boys High Jump: Richard Sopsher (Amite, first, 5-04.00), Daytravion Sopsher (Amite, second, 4-10.00), Warren Campagna (Pope John Paul II, third, 4-08.00).

Boys Long Jump: Markel Cotton (Pine, first, 19-08.00), Kevin Bickham (Amite, second, 19-03.00), Ja’Marion Dunomes (Amite, third, 19-00.00).

Boys Triple Jump: Dorian Batiste (Amite, first, 40-00.00), Ja’Marion Dunomes (Amite, second, 39-03.00), Warren Campagna (Pope John Paul II, third, 34-10.00).

Boys Shot Put: Jacob Herrington (Northlake Christian, first, 41-05.00), Spencer Woodruff (Pope John Paul II, second, 38-02.00), Joseph Duhon (Amite, third, 36-05.00).

Boys Discus: Jacob Herrington (Northlake Christian, first, 125-02), Hezekiah Neason (Amite, second, 96-09), Joey Estopinal (Pope John Paul II, third, 91-01).

Boys Javelin: Spencer Woodruff (Pope John Paul II, first, 131-07), Joey Estopinal (Pope John Paul II, second, 129-09), Nikki Lee (Pine, third, 128-05).