Theresa Leith, of Christ Episcopal High School in Covington, was the overall winner of the 2015 Region 8 Science Fair at Southeastern Louisiana University in February. Her winning project, “Chirality: How the Ratio of Fructose to Glucose Affects Optical Rotation,” received first-place honors in the senior division chemistry category.

Benjamin Walker, of Mandeville Junior High School, was the overall winner of the junior division. His project, “Breaking Bridge,” placed first in the chemistry category.

Region 8 includes Livingston, St. Helena, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa and Washington parishes. All first- and second-place regional winners advance to the state science fair this spring at LSU.

This year’s Region 8 Science Fair was sponsored by Cleco Power, Shell Oil Company, Entergy, Valero St. Charles Refinery and the Kinder Morgan Foundation.

Additional science fair winners, listed by division and school, were:

Senior division (grades 9-12)

CHRIST EPISCOPAL SCHOOL: Rebecca Bell, third, chemistry; Max Cook, first, physics and astronomy; and Emmett McComiskey, second, physics and astronomy.

NORTHSHORE HIGH SCHOOL: Ben Rowley, second, chemistry.

POPE JOHN PAUL II: Mary Grace Kelley and Joseph Kelley, first, behavioral and social science; Raymond Ohler III and Tyler Sanderson, second, behavioral and social science; Joseph Riggio and James Ramirez, third, behavioral and social science; Sophia Cefolia, third, computer science; Angela Boulboulle, first, energy and transportation; Zack Sheng and Joshua Hartley, second, energy and transportation; Chris Arroyo, third, energy and transportation; Zara Hood and Brian Comeaux, first, environmental sciences; Ivy Ferraro, second, environmental sciences; Dylan Vidrine and Phihan Nguyen, third, environmental sciences; Victoria Nielsen and Madalynn Traylor, first, medicine and health sciences; Michelle Hasenkampf, first, microbiology; Blake Dalferes and Blake Everard, honorable mention, physics and astronomy; and Ashley Calamari and Henry Calamari, honorable mention, plant sciences.

ST. HELENA COLLEGE AND CAREER ACADEMY: Briana Growe and Chloe Jackson, third, engineering; Jacob Evans and Darryl Hampton, honorable mention, engineering; BreAynna Jacque and Dussel Cooper, honorable mention, environmental sciences; and Regina Hughes and Jherica Dudley, third, medicine and health sciences.

ST. PAUL’S SCHOOL: Walden Perry and George Cazenavette, first, computer science; Alexander Nguyen, second, computer science; Robert Baricev, honorable mention, energy and transportation; Leland Van Deventer, second, microbiology; Benjamin Dantin and Aaron Nguyen, third, physics and astronomy; and John Cresson and Luke Avenel, first, plant sciences.

SOUTHEASTERN MATH SCIENCE UPWARD BOUND: Cameron Widner, honorable mention, behavioral and social science; Makayla Dantzler and Cecelia Butera, honorable mention, chemistry; and Lily Tanner, third, plant sciences.

Junior division (grades 6-8)

ANNUNCIATION CATHOLIC SCHOOL: Trenity Sullivan, third, energy and transportation; and Marion Scott, first, microbiology.

BOYET JUNIOR HIGH: Chris Barron, first, energy and transportation.

CALVARY BAPTIST SCHOOL: Sammy Hurst, honorable mention, physics and astronomy.

CHRIST EPISCOPAL SCHOOL: Rachel Leith, second, chemistry; Christopher Comeaux, honorable mention, engineering; and Graydon Hall, third, environmental sciences.

FIFTH WARD JUNIOR HIGH: Katelyn Nettles, second, animal science; Ian Cardona, first, engineering; and Natalie Johnson, honorable mention, engineering.

HAMMOND EASTSIDE MAGNET SCHOOL: Taylor Kinchen, third, animal science; Madison Greer, second, engineering; and Garrett Sanders, first, medicine and health sciences.

HAMMOND JUNIOR HIGH MAGNET SCHOOL: Hailey Ingram, honorable mention, behavioral and social science; Darryl Johnson, honorable mention, chemistry; and Lance Quinney, second, medicine and health sciences.

HAMMOND WESTSIDE MONTESSORI: Kiauna Conley, Jinnia Saing and Dykia Williams, first, behavioral and social science; Cameron Hambrick, Edgard Bravo and Nicholas Washington, honorable mention, Earth and planetary science.

LITTLE OAK MIDDLE SCHOOL: Joshua Hou, first, computer science.

MANDEVILLE JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL: Hope Cassady, third, behavioral and social science; Nathaniel Gunn, third, chemistry; Lucien Maloney, third, environmental sciences; and Lucas Colegrove, third, physics and astronomy.

NORTHLAKE CHRISTIAN: Addison Champagne, honorable mention, chemistry; Joshua Moticheck, honorable mention, energy and transportation; Carolyn Simpson, honorable mention, environmental sciences: Grace Armand, third, medicine and health sciences; Bethany Rooney, honorable mention, medicine and health sciences; Ashlynn Anderson, third, microbiology; Emma Mikell, first, physics and astronomy; and Patrick Hoag, honorable mention, plant sciences.

OUR LADY OF LOURDES CATHOLIC SCHOOL: Joshua Stevenson, second, behavioral and social science; and Christian Hasenkampf, third, plant sciences.

ST. HELENA COLLEGE AND CAREER ACADEMY: Jer’Kayla Williams and Azziana West, third, cellular and molecular biology.

ST. MARGARET MARY: Julia Kapusta and Madelynn Nguyen, first, cellular and molecular biology; and Christopher Irby, second, physics and astronomy.

ST. PAUL’S SCHOOL: Josh Micheal Devier, first, plant sciences.

ST. PETER CATHOLIC SCHOOL: Alex Martrain, third, engineering; Caleb Frost, honorable mention, environmental sciences; Caroline Crutzfeldt, honorable mention, microbiology; and Luke Vargas, second, plant sciences.

TCHEFUNCTE MIDDLE SCHOOL: Katie Colgan, first, animal science.