Another Saints ticket-holder filed a lawsuit Tuesday afternoon, claiming the NFL defrauded him and other fans by failing to enforce its own rules.

The lawsuit, filed by St. Charles Parish resident Darrell Guillory, is fashioned as a class action on behalf of all ticket-holders for Sunday’s NFC Championship game. It followed a separate lawsuit filed earlier Tuesday by two Saints fans over a botched call that cost the Saints a trip to the Super Bowl.  

Guillory's lawsuit accuses the NFL of “promoting a culture of selective enforcement of its own rules based on profit, including the failure to take action which might serve to hurt the Los Angeles Rams organization, as it would result in upsetting the third largest market in the United States, to the detriment of the smaller market New Orleans Saints organization.”

Named defendants include the NFL, the state as the owner of the Mercedez-Benz Superdome, the NFL Referees Association and four NFL officials: Bill Vinovich, Phillip McKinnely, Gary Cavaletto and Todd Prukop.

Despite rumors to the contrary, McKinnely was not on the field for Sunday’s game. The line judge shown keeping his penalty flag in his pocket for the blatant penalty was Patrick Turner, who is not named in Guillory’s lawsuit.

Citing the NFL’s handling of the “Spy-Gate” scandal that roiled the New England Patriots in 2015, as well as its tepid early response to evidence of severe brain injury in retired players, Guillory’s lawsuit claims the league can’t be trusted to be above-board when investigating the misdeeds of teams or officials.

Guillory claims the league breached a contractual duty to ticket-holders. His lawsuit cites “intentional infliction of emotional distress” and “mental anguish” among the damages for which it claims the league must pay.

Guillory’s lawsuit also demands compensation for the cost of game tickets, parking, hotels, travel, and lost earnings for business owners.

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