Former Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts has asked a federal judge to delay his trial on fraud and tax evasion charges, according to court documents. 

Roberts faces 22 fraud counts and seven tax evasion counts. The majority of the fraud charges relate to his time managing a west bank landscaping company from which, federal authorities allege, he stole tens of thousands of dollars. He is also accused of underreporting his income by more than $1 million over four years earlier this decade, the records show.

Roberts resigned his post April 29, then was indicted May 9. The trial is scheduled for July 29 with a pretrial conference June 20. That's far too soon for his team to adequately prepare, according to the motion for delay filed by his attorney Eddie Castaing.

"The parties have not yet had sufficient time to engage in discovery and pretrial motions, and will need substantial additional time to do so, in addition to prepare adequately for trial in this voluminous and complex document-intensive case," Castaing wrote in the motion.

The motion is likely to be granted by newest judge on New Orleans' federal bench, Wendy Vitter. Roberts is free on bond.

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