Chad Scott, a longtime special agent in the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration's New Orleans field division, walks out of federal court after posting bail for 10 indictments, in New Orleans, La., Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2017. Friend Stephen Garcia is seen at right.

A federal judge has refused to delay former federal drug agent Chad Scott's trial on perjury and obstruction charges, court documents show.

U.S. District Judge Jane Triche Milazzo denied Scott's motion, made last week, to push back his trial because of plans by the government to bring up old internal Drug Enforcement Administration probes into Scott's behavior.

None of those probes resulted in any criminal charges. One, in 1999, concluded that there was not enough evidence to show that a suspect's civil rights had been violated. The second resulted in two reprimands, and the third concerned an arrest Scott made in 2005.

Scott's attorney, Matthew Coman, argued that prosecutors' plans to bring up the old allegations added more than 1,000 pages of new evidence and several new witnesses to a case that has already required sifting through thousands of pages of documents as well as other evidence. The new disclosures, Coman argued, warranted extra time to prepare.

Milazzo didn't agree.

"This court finds that none of the defendant’s assertions warrant a continuance and that additional time is not necessary to address the limited issues raised by the government’s notice," Milazzo ruled in a four-sentence order published Tuesday.

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The order means that Scott is set to go to trial Jan. 22 on the first seven counts of his original 14-count indictment.

Last week, Milazzo granted a defense motion to divide up the trials of Scott and Rodney Gemar, a former Hammond police officer indicted with Scott. That ruling split the set of charges into two groups: seven faced by Scott alone, and another group in which some charge Gemar, some Scott and some both. 

A trial date for the second set of charges has not been set. A status conference to discuss scheduling is set for Tuesday.

Scott and Gemar were members of a north shore-based federal drug task force headed by Scott. Two members of that task force — former Tangipahoa Sheriff's Office deputies Johnny Domingue and Karl Newman — have already pleaded guilty to federal drug charges. Both are in custody awaiting sentencing, which won't happen until after Scott's trial is concluded.

Scott's January trial will focus on his interactions with an informant named Frederick Brown. Scott is accused of filing false reports about a truck he allegedly seized from Brown and also of telling Brown to say that another defendant, Jorge Perralta, had been present at a drug transaction when in fact he had not.

Scott is also accused of perjuring himself during a hearing related to the Perralta case.

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