Damion Abram

Damion Abram

A member of the 6th Ward Wild Side gang who once faced three life terms was sentenced to 35 years in prison Monday under a deal with prosecutors.

Damion “Small Face” Abram, 26, was sentenced by Criminal District Court Judge Laurie White under the terms of an agreement with the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office. He was the second-to-last member of the alleged gang awaiting trial.

Prosecutors said in a 2014 indictment that the 6th Ward Wild Side crew – also known as the Wild Side Gangstas – killed mercilessly to protect their heroin and cocaine business.

Authorities singled out Abram as one of the gang’s most vicious members. They said he took part in three murders in a two-month period.

Abram and Rashad “Shad” Bakewell shot dead Alfred “Nuck Jr.” Dixon – accused of being a member of the rival 4th Ward Goonies gang – on Nov. 17, 2011, according to an indictment.

Then Abram and a co-conspirator identified only as “C.C.” blasted away at Dereck Howard and Darryl Long, killing both, in the 2600 block of D’Abadie Street on Jan. 26, 2012, prosecutors said.

Investigators alleged that to cap off the killing spree, Abram conspired in the June 10, 2012, killing of David Peters, who was suspected of cooperating with law enforcement in connection with the double homicide on D’Abadie Street. Another man, Joseph Marshall, pleaded guilty to committing that killing in 2014.

Abram was indicted on three counts of second-degree murder. All of those counts were amended to manslaughter under the terms of his deal with prosecutors. He entered the pleas on Jan. 11.

Abram also copped to racketeering, a criminal street gang count, conspiracy to distribute heroin and three counts of illegally discharging a firearm during a crime of violence.

Prosecutors Alex Calenda and Irena Zajickova handled the case. Abram was represented by Carrie Ellis, a staff attorney for the Orleans Public Defenders.

Ken Daley, a spokesman for the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office, declined to comment on the plea and sentence citing the ongoing nature of the case. One defendant remains: Bakewell.

Bakewell is likewise facing a life term if convicted as charged on second-degree murder and other counts. Daley said in a statement that Bakewell has been offered a plea that “essentially mirrors the one accepted by Abram.”

Bakewell has until Feb. 6 to decide whether or not to accept the plea, according to Daley. His trial is set for March 12. Defense attorney John Fuller declined to comment.

Meanwhile, prosecutors have picked off four other reputed members of the 6th Ward Wild Side under plea deals since the December 2014 indictment.

In March 2016, Trey “Trigga” Mitchell took a 15-year sentence. A year earlier, Blake “Blizzy” Ricks took 20 years, Randell Marshall accepted a 15-year sentence that month and Joseph Marshall received 27 years.

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