Jennifer Gaubert, a New Orleans lawyer and radio host whose drunken sexual encounter with a cab driver in 2012 ultimately landed her a pair of criminal convictions, saw her law license suspended for a year and a day Monday.

The Louisiana Supreme Court handed the punishment to Gaubert, 38, nearly seven years after she got into a cab following a night of drinking at Galatoire’s restaurant on Bourbon Street for a ride home to Lakeview.

She proceeded to crawl over the seat and engage cabbie Hervey Farrell in a sexual foray.

Farrell recorded the latter part of the encounter on his cellphone. The video shows Gaubert lifting her skirt while trying to entice the cabbie to engage in sex. Farrell rebuffs Gaubert’s slurring advances before she exits the cab.

“She whipped out my penis and was trying to give me oral sex and I said no,” Farrell told a 911 dispatcher.

Farrell quickly filed a civil claim against Gaubert, whose show on WGSO Radio, “Law Out Loud,” ended shortly after the cab ride. Nearly a year later, Gaubert told police that Farrell was extorting her, threatening to release the video.

Gaubert maintained that the sexual encounter was consensual. Then she became the target of criminal allegations.

In 2014, she was convicted in Municipal Court on a simple battery count from the encounter. She then faced a felony charge accusing her of filing a false police report. Criminal District Court Judge Arthur Hunter found her guilty instead of misdemeanor criminal mischief and handed her a suspended one-day jail sentence.

On Monday, the Supreme Court found that Gaubert “violated duties owed to the legal profession, causing substantial actual injury to the public and to Mr. Farrell,” who spent more than a day in jail based on Gaubert’s false claims.

In 2015, the city quietly coughed up $40,000 to settle a federal civil rights suit that Farrell had filed over his August 2013 arrest on voyeurism and extortion counts.

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